The Fallacy of All-Time

In my life I have heard a lot of bullshit but never to the extent of which I heard today at the Alex Rodriguez press conference. This afternoon in Tampa, for those of you who live under a rock, A-Roid addressed the media about his acknowledgement that he used steroids. The scene was set at Legends Field. A-Roid had his entourage of his agent, his publicist, his PR guy, his image guy, his lawyer and several other talking heads all to coax him through this trying day. Hundreds of reporters were gathered eager to ask questions, many of which were great questions. However, they were not allowed follow-up questions. This means that whatever they asked A-Roid, he could babble off as many lies as he wanted and the reporter had no opportunity to retort his statement, clarify his vagueness or any such thing. This was an all time fallacy. Then there were the lies, the question dodging and of course the cream of the crop, the imaginary cousin who allegedly injected A-Roid in his ass with steroids for three years, but A-Roid didn’t know what it was and didn’t know if it worked. Are you kidding me you liar!!!!!!!!!!! You had this one chance to come clean and tell the truth and you screwed it up and lied through your teeth. Not only that but you introduced a new character to the world and to New York, simply known as your cousin. This was an all time joke.

Rodriguez alleges that this cousin of his injected him in the ass for three years with an unknown substance and he didn’t even think it worked. However, he continued to do it. Also, if you think he only did it from 2001-2003 you are as naive as apparently A-Roid thinks you are. Alex Rodriguez is one of the greatest and most gifted athletes of our time and in the history of country. He is an amazing physical specimen and a true goliath at the plate. However, I find it extremely hard to believe that someone of his stature and a guy who makes in excess of $30 million a year could possibly be this dumb to think that any educated person could possibly believe him. He lied through his teeth to the world on the day he was given his chance to repent to the world. He only dug his grave deeper. He said that he wanted to put this whole steroid episode behind him and proclaimed that he did. However, he is so stupid that he created a whole new chapter in the neverending string of assinine behavior this guy takes part in.

If he doesn’t think that every reporter in the country is out looking for his cousin at this moment, he is a retard. He says that his cousin injected him. When he was asked what his cousin name was, he wouldn’t say. He just said they were stupid kids experimenting. I tell you what, I never said to my cousin, “Hey just for a goof will you inject an unknown substance into my ass and ask him to repeat for several years”. He’s lying through his teeth-what a coward! Oh by the way, he says his cousin was the one that actually illegally transported the drugs into the United States…but he doesn’t want to get into specifics…I really can’t wait to see what happens if this cousin actually exists and when they find him.

I almost forgot, he was asked if he apologized to the rSports Illustrated reporter who broke this story, Selena Roberts, for accusing her of breaking into his house. He actually said that, then he says he reached out to her to apologize and they had a very good conversation. Ya OK dude! Can’t wait to see that book she’s writing that’s out next month.

What an awful scene for any Yankee fan! Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera sitting right beside A-Roid along with Andy pettitte who has his own roid issues. At one point A-Roid turns to them in the most disingenuous manor tells them he loves them and that he never could’ve got through this without their support…Bullshit!!!!!!

And the New York Yankees look like the biggest fools of all as they stupidly allowed this to happen with A-Roid draped in Yankees logos behind him. They allowed him to set the rules for the presser when they are the ones paying him $300 million. The Yankees aided and abetted a crime today by allowing this to go on the way it did. I am embarassed to be a Yankees fan today and hope this can somehow be righted because it kills me to say that. I have loved the Yankees since birth and today was the low point for me as a fan. Not the 100 loss season of 1990, not Steinbrenner being kicked out of baseball, not the Danny Tartabull signing, not the collapse against Boston in 2004-today was the worst! The Yankees should be ashamed of themselves and so should baseball. What a disaster!

I don’t even know where to go from here and I clearly need some air but I am truly disgusted by what I just listened to and watched. I can’t wait to see what happens with this cousin of his and I can’t believe the distractions moving forward this will cause.

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  1. Whata joke is right, this guy is killing me and he is going to kill yet another Yankee season and this time in the new park. I hate this asshole and wish he was off the team!

  2. You know, I am just watching some reaction around the net and on they have this guy Buster Olney who is like the baseball guy for them and he seems to think that A-Rod did a good job and the NY media will move on from this presser. He covered the Yankees for years and even wrote a book on them but he is clearly smoking crack or something like that bc there is no chance that everything he said was true and additionally, he dodged a ton of questions.

  3. So strange for Olney to say that considering Michael Kay, who announces for the Yankees, totally ripped ARod apart for an hour on his afternoon radio show yesterday. Even Cashman commented that being “young and naive” is not an excuse. PLUS, ARod is totally wrong about how old he was in Texas, he was 25, not 22 or whatever he claimed, being in your mid-20s makes you a man, with or without college. You were a multi-millionaire player at that point and you are 100% responsibile for your actions. Stop saying you were “young and stupid”. I was probably one of the few fans still trying to stick up for ARod when the news came out but he has lost me after yesterdays performance.

  4. Great article on a true jerk. Who does he think he is? I agree with you guys about Olney too bc he’s supposed to be a real baseball guy but is clearly as delusional as Arod…read Stark or Keown-much better. I wonder how Gammons feels knowing he was lied to on ntional TV and he came out afterwards saying he believed him…as you say, what a joke!

  5. I respectfully disagree. In my opinion, the biggest baseball fallacy, to use your term, is that Selig, Fehr, the owners and managers (such as Tony LaRussa, who still thinks McGwire is naturally large), were unaware of the rampant steroid abuse. I don’t blame any of the players for using steroids — it was a tacit part of the game, just like spitballs, corked bats, etc. Its cheating, but cheating has long been tolerated in baseball. Congress should investigate baseball’s hierarchy, focusing on ownership and management. I understand the appeal of targetting the players — they are the very public face of a very public game — but they, in my opinion, are the inappropriate scapegoats.

  6. Don’t even get me started on these assholes in the union, the media and the commissioner is the biggest jackass of all bc they sold their souls for the almighty dollar. That’s fine but if that’s the road you are going down, Selig should not make statements like he is ashamed of Arod and he shamed the game. Selig shamed the damn game more than anyone!!!!!

  7. Agreed — the press, especially sports outlets like ESPN, needs to “target” Selig and Fehr. Case studies, like A-Rod, McGwire and Bonds, are the evidence, but the “crime” of ingorance was committed by baseball’s management, union stewardship and ownership.

    That being said, I flew into LGA on Monday night, right over Citifield, and I can’t wait to get to some Mets games this year, steroids or not.

  8. baseball sucks…yankees suck…go boston…just kidding…i didnt know that people still cared about steroids in baseball. everyone uses them, they should just make it okay, if you cant beat em join em. i dont care that they use steroids and i dont think they do either. everyone juices, in college and professionals its to keep the edge and its cool. i personally dont do it but have been offered and pride myself off of not using it but i dont think the people who run mlb really care because if they did they would draw harsher penalties and set examples like they did in tennis with the gambling issues. if barry bonds and arod and big mac are using it these guys are modern day heros, so if i played baseball and they were doing it i would probably do it too. steinbrenner needs to sell the yanks and restructure the upper offices anyways.

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