5 Tips to Make Flying More Enjoyable

Here is my latest for the American Express Passion Project. I put together 5 tips to make flying more enjoyable based on my experiences traveling to every country in the world. These tips help me and make my life easier in the air. Feel free to comment your own tips and I hope you take […]

American Express Passion Project: Missed the Summer Travel Rush?

As you know, I work with American Express in conjunction with their #PassionProject. The American Express Passion Project is a program of varying topics from various walks of life. Each of my contributions are unique and different. My first contribution to the American Express Passion Project was called driven by passion and simply about myself […]

American Express Passion Project: Do Life Yourself

This is my second installment of the American Express Passion Project or #PassionProject called Do Life Yourself. American Express came to me and asked me to write something about Do It Yourself or DIY. I didn’t exactly know what to do with that so I changed it to Do Life Yourself (DLY) as that’s much […]