5 Tips to Make Flying More Enjoyable

Here is my latest for the American Express Passion Project. I put together 5 tips to make flying more enjoyable based on my experiences traveling to every country in the world. These tips help me and make my life easier in the air. Feel free to comment your own tips and I hope you take these 5 tips to make flying more enjoyable to heart!
5 Tips to Make Flying More Enjoyable, Lee Abbamonte Tumblr, Amex
Disclaimer: American Express commissioned me to write for their Tumblr.

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  1. Good post Lee and cool graphic, I couldn’t agree more with all of them more or less.

  2. I have to have a little carry on bag for my essentials in the seat back pocket in front of me like for makeup, toothpaste, chapstick etc

  3. I certainly could not survive a long haul flight without noise canceling headphones; Bose to be exact! Otherwise I might kill someone.

  4. I disagree…I need to drink as much alcohol as possible!

  5. I pretty much stand up the whole flight…I hate flying!

    • haha that’s one way to do it although I must admit I’ve had flights where I sound half the time in the galley or in the back on big planes because I can’t stand my neighbor!

  6. The positive mindset thing is the top thing to do. It sounds so simple but that’s a great point as I am always anxious and pissy when I have to fly and it makes it worse.

  7. I totally agree about no alcohol, it just makes me drowsy and dehydrated and miserable.

  8. Be as nice as possible to your neighbors from the get go so they don’t annoy you later on!

  9. Great advice, positive mindset is key. Like the graphic might try that on one of my next posts 😉 couple of other tips – be nice to the attendants, if you can move to the rear of the plane if spare seats exist.

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