Top 5-Adventures

1. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
2. World’s Highest Bungy Jump (Garden Route, South Africa)
3. Inca Trail (Machu Picchu, Peru)
4. White Water Rafting (Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe)
5. Hang Gliding (Rio de Janeiro)
Honorable Mention: Thrillogy (Queenstown, New Zealand), Ice Climbing (Franz Josef, New Zealand), Lost World Abseiling (Waitomo, New Zealand), Skydiving (Anywhere)

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  1. You should put the video of you and jake skydiving on your site…hi Jake! (i’m competeing to comment the most)

  2. btw, how could you leave canyoning in Interlaken completely off the list?

  3. Thats a good one, I forgot that. Canyoning was awesome.

  4. Remember the sweet, confident dive Jake did off the Nevis bungy? For a minute there I was worried he was going to somersault right off the edge

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