Top 5-African Capitals

1. Maputo, Mozambique
2. Pretoria, South Africa
3. Cairo, Egypt
4. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
5. Nairobi, Kenya

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  1. I forgot that Pretoria is actually the capital of South Africa and its not Joburg

  2. Yeah, it’s tricky but Pretoria is the capital of RSA and Dodoma is technically the capital of Tanzania as well but everyone just goes by Dar instead because everything is there in Dar. It is the capital in all ways except in official name

  3. I was in Dakar in Senegal and it was lovely.

  4. Thanks for another note Jemma, I was only in Dakar on a stopover so I really didn’t get a chance to explore it thoroughly but I hear it’s nice and I aim to go back soon to start a West Africa loop

  5. Gaborone or Mbabane would certainly be the worst I’ve seen so far.

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