Top 5-Attractions in New York

1. Central Park
2. Statue of Liberty
3. Empire State Building
4. Yankee Stadium
5. Metropolitan Museum of Art

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  1. I know you live there but for people who don’t Times Square is pretty cool

  2. Greenwich Village

  3. I like Murray Hill. That should be the top spot.

  4. I think Broadway would top them all also.

  5. But all your boys are in Chelsea

  6. Bronx Zoo, Natural History Museum, Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden, Chrysler Building, Shea Stadium (well, maybe not Shea) but what about the tennis center.

  7. Shea is a purple and neon hole in the Earth, I can’t believe a Yankees fan would even mention that in any list

  8. Shea is NOT purple or neon. It’s simply the happiest place on earth.

  9. hahaha, its not a true delight

  10. Dennis, thought you were more of a Chelsea dude….

  11. i agree with jess, shea is really a true delight. go mets!

  12. Going to Shea is kinda like puking in your mouth. Its disgusting but in the end your a Mets fan. It is what it is….

  13. I think it’s unanimous – Shea should top the list of most delightful NYC attractions!

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