Top 5-Best Sports Cities in the US

1. New York
2. Boston
3. Chicago
4. Philadelphia
5. St. Louis

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  1. What about Hotlanta?

  2. Hard to argue with your list, I wish I could say Miami but we can’t even support our teams enough to get them a new stadium

  3. Atlanta is the worst sports town in America. The Braves made the playoffs all those years and they didn’t even sell out. Nobody goes to Hawks games and I can’t even name the hockey team there. The Falcons are the only team anyone cares about but the Dawgs and maybe even the Jackets are still more popular for football.

  4. Agreed, although I do love Atlanta, it is terrible for sports, unless of course you enjoy paying $5 and sitting courtside in an empty arena.

  5. Emory doesn’t even have sports and they’d probably support them more than the Braves

  6. Bid D-Dallas!

  7. After the Cowboys, and maybe Mavs Dallas sports are virtually unnoticed…Stars won a Stanley Cup and I bet you most Texans couldn’t even tell me the year…Rangers-forget it. After the Cowboys, the biggest thing in Dallas is the annual Red River Rivalry Texas/Oklahoma game which I’ve been to at the old Cotton Bowl and it is awesome.

  8. How can you put St. Louis on the list but not San Francisco? What the hell does St Louis have, Brett Hull retired long ago buddy. McGwire has nothing on Bonds and SF has plenty more Super Bowls….

  9. STL is the best non Northeast baseball city and the Cardinals have won 10 World Series-the second most of all time behind the Yankees and they really support the Rams which recently won and lost a Superbowl and even the lowely Blues and the Billikens. SF has the great franchise the 49ers which will unfortunately soon be in Santa Clara and the Giants don’t even sell out the best stadium in the league for the best player we’ve ever seen and they haven’t won a World Series since 1954 when they were still playing in, you guessed it-New York. The Warriors don’t count bc they’re in Oakland and they don’t have a hockey team-Dont even say the Sharks. Their most famous athlete was Joe DiMaggio and I believe he played for a team called the New York Yankees. San Fran would probably be 6th or 7th on the list to be fair-those garlic fries at Pacbell are good though. You don’t even like baseball and you’re making an argument for it-I love it. Your biggest discussion may soon be whether you support Boca Juniors or River Plate in Buenos Aires!

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