Top 5-Cities in West Africa

1. Dakar, Senegal
2. Praia, Cape Verde Islands
3. Bamako, Mali
4. Freetown, Sierra Leone
5. Accra, Ghana

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  1. Wow, I thought Freetown was an absolute hellhole, but then again when compared to most of West Africa, you can’t be too choosy. I read your blog from West Africa and really admire what ylou are doing by the way.

    • .where do u put abidjan , abidjan has indeniably the most modern and pretty environments

      • Ellesse Issac kobina says

        to me Abidjan is the most beautiful city in west Africa. it has nice environment
        and beautiful structures and so on.I have been to Accra for 2years also but Accra
        cannot be compared to Abidjan. even though I’m an ivorian and am not standing
        on fact.

  2. Thanks a lot Angela and I am glad you followed my trip. Freetown was not the nicest place I’ve ever been to but you hit the nail on the head when there are way worse places. However, Freetown also had some really great places especially the dynamic and gorgeous beaches. the place was surely frenetic but definitely an experience and certainly worth the trip

  3. I haven’t been to nearly all of the west african cities but I spent a lot of time in Abidjan and enjoyed my time there before I was forced to leave about 9 years ago. I don’t know how it is now but it was lovely back then.

  4. Marie Paule says

    I was in Dakar between 2008-2009. I felt in love with the country and the Dakarois. Lovely country rich of histry and people there are very warm as they say ” la teranga Senegalaise” I almost start looking for a place to settle down but not lucky enough had to relocate……Dakar is the best. Labelle Dakar. I have to many cities in Africa…Cap Town should be Nber 1 but too dangerous…

  5. Bright Dixon says

    As for me Accra is best city to in africa

  6. Bright Dixon says

    I have stay in Accra for five years and i have how nice accra is soo fantastic and happiness is Accra and Kumasi is also cool to stay for it’s nice

  7. Ibadan is definitely the largest city in west africa

  8. Rubbish…..on what basis….is any of this country on the top 5 most advanced Economy in no Nigerian city here…Rubbish post

  9. I think accra is the best in west africa I love their culture especially ewe culture

  10. Rooney Sawaneh says

    Free town is the best city in west Africa

  11. Godsway Rond says

    you people accra most beautiful city in west africa.ahh nice accra.

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