Top 5-Events

1. San Fermin Festival-Running of the Bulls (Pamplona, Spain)
2. Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany)
3. Carnival (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
4. Full Moon Party (Ko Phangan, Thailand)
5. Superbowl-American Football (USA)
Honorable Mention: Semana Santa (Margarita Island, Venezuela), World Series-Baseball (USA), Premiership Football(Soccer) Games (England)

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  1. August 2008, La Tomatina in Bunol.

  2. I have a friend who went to Tomatina last year and said it was a lot of fun…I still haven’t…that could be a plan and I will definitely pelt you with a tomato in face

  3. Semana Santa is not only in Venezuela. It is all over Latin America and there are many cities with great parties.

  4. Thanks for the comment Jorge. I do know it’s not only in Margarita but I was there for it and had a great time. Please feel free to share your favorite places for Semana Santa and certainly comment any time.

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