Top 5-Places I Wouldn’t Return To

1. Paraguay
2. Moldova
3. Swaziland
4. Albania
5. Romania

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  1. I wouldn’t go back to japan

  2. Also, I would never go back to Mexico

  3. I wouldn’t go back to France, the people there were so rude to my wife and I. It was straight out of the stereotype of the French and we didn’t believe it at first until we saw it for ourselves.

  4. Albania has got to be #1 on there…

  5. I would not go back to Tahiti. I didn’t like my hotel or any of the service that we had there. The island wasn’t nearly as nice as I thought it’d be

  6. Maybe I missed your posting on Romania (or maybe you didn’t do one) but what do you have against Romania? I thought it was a lot of fun, not really Bucharest with all the stray dogs and litter, but up near Transylvania was pretty nice. I’m sure if this was updated Nigeria would be number one though.

  7. Wrote that in 07 I think…I didn’t ave a great time and was there during hottest heat wave in history, was like 120 and humid…certainly wouldn’t be on now…eventually ill update those old top 5s

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