Top 5-Places in South Africa

1. Cape of Good Hope (Western Cape)
2. Cape Town (Western Cape)
3. Kruger Park (Mpumalanga)
4. Durban (Kwazulu-Natal)
5. Pretoria (Gauteng)
Honorable Mention: Garden Route (Western Cape); Coffee Bay (Eastern Cape); Bloemfontein (Free State)

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  1. Great list today, I love South Africa

  2. Thx for saying Coffee Bay, I loved it there!

  3. The vineyards are brilliant too. About an hour from Capetown and well worth a visit.

  4. Carole Vincent says

    In 2010, on a nine-day university tour of South Africa, my late husband and I were most fortunate to have a day-long personal tour of some of the townships outside of Cape Town with a young man who lived with his extended family in one of the townships, in a tiny two-room, dirt floor house, which we also visited. The guide picked us up at our fancy Mandela Hotel in Cape Town. We met many families in the townships, and we heard many stories. On the return trip to our hotel, the young guide asked if we had any questions about the day. I asked “Where was the hope?” for those in the townships. He was very clear: things are much better now! The fact that as a black man he could drive into the city to our hotel and carry white folks in his van meant that he could work and support his whole extended family! And the fact that we could visit the townships meant that we could learn their stories, buy some hand-make bead work, and take them back home. It was eye-opening. Have you considered doing 30 eye-opening travel experiences?!

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