Top 5-Worst Best Picture Oscars of Last 25 Years

1. Driving Miss Daisy
2. The English Patient
3. American Beauty
4. Terms of Endearment
5. The Last Emperor

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  1. I didn’t like Unforgiven as much as everyone else seems to

  2. I hated Dances With Wolves, it was so boring and Kevin Costner looked silly the whole film

  3. I didn’t like Crash

  4. Chicago was a nightmare my girlfriend made me watch it-Richard Gere shouldn’t be singing

  5. Sahespeare in Love is the worst movie I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe it beat out Saving Private Ryan that year

  6. Jacob I agree and totally forgot Shakespeare in Love on this list-I hated that movie as well.

  7. I hated Rain Man

  8. Titanic, arguably the worst written film to win Best Picture. The script was not even nominated.

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