Top 5-Worst Hot Places to Get Stuck

1. Humid, Nasty subway in the Summer (New York City, USA)
2. Humid, polluted traffic in a tuktuk (Bangkok, Thailand)
3. Inside the Pyramids with lots of other people (Cairo, Egypt)
4. Packed, non air conditioned club (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
5. Humid, filthy, packed Carnival street (Salvador de Bahia, Brazil)
As you might imagine, I was stuck in the subway for 45 sweaty, wretched minutes this morning in NYC

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  1. Haha, I live in Manhattan too and got stuck this morning…brutal.

  2. How about on Bourbon Street at Mardi Gras next to a guy exposing himself for beads in the packed sweltering heat–doesn\’t get much worse than that!

  3. Anthony, that is truly an amazingly awful place to be–that should be #1 on my list and all lists…good job!

  4. All of those places are awful sounding, I\’d prefer to surf the web and play Madden

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