My Fall 2013 Travel Schedule

My fall 2013 travel schedule is beyond ridiculous. I will be on at least 5 continents and I will actually visit all 7 continents in this calendar year-this will be the first time I’ve done that. I will be going back to some old favorites but doing them in a new way. I will be visiting some of the most remote places on planet Earth-literally and I will be flying a lot of miles! This travel will also move me from 307 to 316 on the Travelers Century Club list-only 5 from finishing!
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My fall 2013 travel schedule looks something like this although not all dates are 100% set and everything is scheduled to change of course. I hope everything goes smoothly but any way you slice it, I’ve got a really cool fall coming up.

September 21 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a wedding

September 22-26 – Barcelona, Spain to visit one of my favorite cities. I will be seeing my favorite Spanish soccer club, FC Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad at the Nou Camp. I will be staying in a gorgeous vacation rental from Go With Oh right in the center of Barcelona.

September 26-28 – Ibiza, Spain to get some sun and see the famous island of music and madness. I will be staying at the famous Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel and also visiting Formentera-the neighboring island.

September 28-October 1 – Rome, Italy to visit the eternal city and also catch an AS Roma Serie A game at the Stadio Olimpico!

October 1-8 – I am on a Mediterranean cruise with Azamara Cruises. The cruise makes stops in Tuscany, Isla de Elba, Monaco, Nice, St. Tropez and a few other hot spots. This is only the second cruise I have ever been on and I know it will be better than my first; which was awful!

October 8-10 – New York City

October 10-11 – Chicago, Illinois for the New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears game with my friends.

October 11-14 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the wedding of my buddy Panos at the Trump Hotel Toronto; where I will also be staying.

October 14-16 – New York City

October 16–November 3 – Chile and the Falkland Islands. I will be making several stops in Chile including Santiago, Pucon, Temuco, Punta Arenas and Robinson Crusoe Island in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago. I will also be spending six days in the Falkland Islands. I am not 100% set on my dates for this trip yet except for the Falklands so I will have more details soon but I am looking forward to flying down on Lan Airlines.

November 3-15 New York City

November 15-19 – Cape Town, South Africa to visit one of my favorite cities in the world, climb Table Mountain a few times and see some friends.

November 19-29 – The South Pole, Antarctica. I will be flying from Cape Town to Queen Maude Land to visit emperor penguins and do some ice hiking, climbing and caving and then fly to the Geographic South Pole. This is a trip that has taken me forever to piece together and I am very excited about it. I will also be hosting the same trip next year as well in December 2014-contact me for details if you’re interested.

December 1-5 – Cannes, France for the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM). This is one of my favorite conferences and one of the very few that I actually attend. I am looking forward to going to Cannes for the third time and seeing what’s new in the world of luxury travel and meeting with influential people in the industry.

December 5-January 2014 – New York City

January 2014 – Australia…details to follow soon!

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  1. Wow…no words

  2. That is unbelievable Lee. You are doing more in a few months than most will do in their entire lives. Incredible and very jealous!

  3. I am dizzy…good luck and can’t wait to see pictures.

  4. Susanna D'Abadie says

    Outrageously superb!

  5. It is a shame you are missing Easter Island in Chile, it is really something to see!
    Great schedule!

  6. Hi Lee, your itinerary looks great. I have a few questions:

    Where will you be staying in Chicago?

    Why Ibiza out of season? The party season is over, have you tried Menorca? Mahon is beautiful and there’s a great club called the Caves ( amazing, actually) if you want to get your partying fix!

    Where will you be staying in Cape Town? We stayed with friends in nearby Stellenbosch which was great, but we spent alot of time at The Bay Hotel – if you haven’t booked one yet. I hope you check out the Big Easy (Earnie Els’ restaurant) while you’re there too!

    I’m sure you’ll have a marvellous time and like the rest, I’m also envious!!

    • Hi and thanks,

      I am staying at the Westin in Chicago.

      I am not going to Ibiza for the party although it is the last week of the parties and my hotel has some good ones I am told..I am sure we will indulge! I do love Menorca and Mallorca as well…I will also be going to Formentera for a day trip.

      In Cape Town, I will be staying in a few different places…I have some PR friends with relationships with several fantastic properties down there…haven’t planned that far ahead yet.

  7. Wow! And I thought my trip from Italy, back to the USA for 24 hours, and then flying down to Cape Town was hectic! Any tips for staying healthy while on the move so much?

  8. I thought Antarctica was seven TCC destinations. How do you get to count all seven of them with your trip to Queen Maud Land (1) and then the South Pole (another one). Or is this some other type of TCC trick (like your airport transfers — which you don’t really highlight)?

    • David, the South Pole is the meeting point of 6 of 7 of the Antarctic claims…the lone dissenter in the Norwegian claim because for some reason it doesn’t continue all the way to the pole; hence the stop in QM Land…although it has been said that the pole counts as all 7 these days as some who have recently gone have been approved by the TCC for all 7 without going to QM or Bouvet. I am not sure what you mean by airport transfers…

  9. Seems like a backbreaking schedule. I couldn’t handle all the flying and moving around but I guess that’s why you’ve been to every nation. I really look forward to seeing photos on Facebook and reading your blog on these trips. Thanks for sharing as always Lee.

  10. Wow! This is an impressive lineup for the fall! Happy Travels! We’ll be enjoying from afar!

  11. Those are great trips, but can’t figure out how you pick up 9 TCC destinations — I understand the two Chilean TCC spots, plus two in Antarctica (Queen Maud and one other when you get to South Pole). Do the TCC rules have some other liberal wrinkle? Thanks

    • HI David, not sure if you are the same David as the other comment but I will copy the comment again…the South Pole is the meeting point of 6 of 7 of the Antarctic claims…the lone dissenter in the Norwegian claim because for some reason it doesn’t continue all the way to the pole; hence the stop in QM Land…although it has been said that the pole counts as all 7 these days as some who have recently gone have been approved by the TCC for all 7 without going to QM or Bouvet.

      Personally I think it’s stupid that Antarctica counts as 7 places anyway considering nobody lives there.

  12. Incredible, good luck and stay safe!

  13. WOW!!! You’re crazy man!

  14. Seems we’ll be on a cruise almost at the same time, but on a different European coast. Hoping mine doesn’t suck either, never been on a cruise. Happy travels!! Really curious about your feedback after the South Pole one.

  15. <>

    I meant that the TCC has the lowest of standards, and considers an airport transfer sufficient for their purposes.

    • The TCC does count airport transfers by their rules. I agree that is a chinchy and cheap way to do it but it is up to the individual traveler and I don’t really care or waste any time thinking about if others did his or that. Truth is that no matter what you do in a place or how long you spend there will always be people who say you didn’t do enough or get to know the culture enough or whatever. I’ve spent 6 months in India over various trips and people still dismiss it as not enough…a place like India of course you could spend years in and not know everything but I’ve lived in the US my whole life and still don’t know everything either…you just can’t win with some people. So anyway, standards are up to the individual in my view. So I don’t think the TCC has low standards, I just think those are their standards and that’s it…most travelers have a few places where they’ve only spent a few hours or a day or whatever…it happens for a variety of reasons. I’m not one to judge others.

  16. Very cool Lee! I love reading your posts and seeing pictures from your travels! I’m adding You to my Bucket List of people I would like to meet. I know that I will never be able to visit and see these places in my lifetime so to be able to meet you in person would be amazing! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully you will be in Chicago for a travel seminar in the near future. I would like to pick your brain on the different countries that I want to travel to in my lifetime! You rock!

    • Michelle, thank you so much-that is a great compliment and I really appreciate it! I will be in Chicago for only a night in October but I am there 1-2 times a year for something or another. Thanks again!

      • You are welcome! I’m hoping you get to see the King penguins in the Falklands at Volunteer Point. Like I told you before, it was a priceless encounter. You would be proud of me because I’m going to New Zealand and Australia using my miles in February. Thanks for being an inspiring person! Go Bears! 😉

  17. An amazing itinerary! I’m particularly jealous of your jaunt to Antarctica – one of those destinations at the top of my bucket list. As always, I look forward to following your adventures. Cheers!

  18. Wow! What a full and impressive schedule you have! We’re jealous of your travels and can’t wait to hear abut all them them, we will be living vicariously through your trips 😉 I hope your cruise is amazing, where did you go for your first one that made it so bad? Wishing you happy and safe travels

    • I went on a Carnival cruise around te Caribbean…I hated everything about the boat. This is a much different type of cruise and boat. To be honest, the clientele will be a lot different as well-in a good way!

  19. Hi Lee. Sounds amazing. Are you really saying that if I step one foot on The South Pole then I can knock off 6 on the Travelers Century Club list?

    • I would say two feet but yes that would qualify according to their rules…truth be told, I was told by the Chairman that they are now counting all 7 at the pole as there is no official line for the Norwegian claim. In order to avoid silly disputes I am going to Queen Maude Land.

      For the record I think it’s stupid that Antarctica counts as 7 places. I think it should count as one as nobody lives there not are there any official borders or ownership claims. I have a problem with several TCC destinations but it’s part of the fun!

  20. Thanks Lee. That is valuable information. I agree with you. Do you have any competitors to the record? and have you already planned the visit to the last 5?

    • I get at least one email email every day or two by some kid telling me he’s going to break my record which I think is great! But there is a reason that so few people have ever been to every country…it’s very hard to do!

      You need time, money and the wherewithal and motivation to actually do it.

      That said, I don’t expect it to last forever and I am all for anyone going for it but to my knowledge there is nobody close or legitimately going for it.

      The last 5 are very tough for the TCC record but I plan to do the 3 south Atlantis in march or the following march and I am working several back channels for Wake and BIOT…

      We shall see how it goes! I’m not sweating it too much though- just enjoying the ride!

  21. Sounds amazing. Who is that Kid? Is he saying it for fun? Does he have a blog? How old is he? Could be interesting to follow more people like you! Or is it a secret?

    Don’t worry, he is from London so you are still the youngest American to visit all countries. Maybe he is a competitor now? Also, if I’m not mistaken, you have said that visting all 321 Countries and Territories are much more difficult and expensive than visiting the 193 United Nation Countries. Correct?

    Appreciate another reply. I am thankful you are taking the time!

  22. Seeing all of your photos of Barcelona on Facebook is making me miss it! It’s one of my favorite cities in the world! Safe travels! 🙂

  23. Let me be the first to preduct that you will shower praise on your upcoming cruise. I have a lot of friends that do the same thing you do (bloggers that seek free trips in exchange for blog posts).

    • Haha…Interesting theory! I will say it’s good if it’s good and not if it isn’t. Secondly, I didn’t, nor do I seek free cruises…they asked me, it fit my plans and seemed like fun.

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