1000 Places to See Before You Die

I have an obvious interest in this show and have seen a few episodes of the show that is loosely based upon the places mentioned in the book. Last night I found it very interesting because they were in Brazil and loosely followed a path that I took on my recent trip through Brazil. They started out in Manaus in the Amazon and went down to Rio, etc.

What I found interesting and exciting was that the people featured in the series went hang gliding above Rio. This isn’t terribly exciting except that they went with the same company that I did and in addition, the guy on the show used a guy named Paolo-the same guy I jumped with. I just published this a few days ago. It was just really funny to see that on television. The show is good and the places they visit are fabulous. The people themselves aren’t the most exciting couple in the world but they also don’t have to be because the places are what people are interested in.They are are very lucky to be able to do what they are doing and have someone else be paying for it. I look forward to seeing upcoming episodes and hopefully some more familiar faces and places.

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