A Little Monday Morning Trivia

This is a really tough question, but when I was asked this question today-I did get it right the first time-I swear…What world capital has a name, though named after its founder, that is derived from a Roman Imperial title?

The answer is Pretoria, the executive capital of South Africa which is named after its founder Andries Pretorius. A praetorian guard was the emperor’s private guard in the Roman Empire, the order being founded by emperor Augustus.

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  1. Just a guess-Canberra?

  2. It’s not Canberra, but stick with the Commonwealth countries.

  3. Bucharest?

  4. It’s not Bucharest, hint-it’s in Africa

  5. Pretoria?

  6. Correct, how’d you get that?! Haha, good job buddy.

  7. Only of the African capital that I know of that sounds Italian

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