A Quick Travel Update

I know I haven’t been writing too much on my site since I have been back from my last trip so I wanted to give a quick update as to what I am up to and what I am working on and planning. First, I am trying to get a visa to Angola and I am making great strides and hope to have that squared away pretty soon. I hope to visit Angola and the Angolan enclave of Cabinda afterwards along with Namibia and South Africa. From there I plan on heading up to Cairo, Egypt and making a very interesting trip west. Yes there…

I am planning to enter Libya from the border with Egypt and head into the rebel stronghold of Eastern Libya. I hope to get all the way to Benghazi but I will make a judgment call on the ground once I cross the border; as you know, it’s pretty volatile there nowadays. After crossing back into Egypt I figure I’ll take some time on the Red Sea beach towns of Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh and/or Hurghada.

From Cairo I want to head up to Sochi, Russia, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics on the Black Sea and head into Abkhazia and hopefully South Ossetia if I can get all the bureaucracy squared away. Hopefully I will have some time for Georgia and Armenia, including Nagorno Karabakh.

This plan is obviously subject to change and a lot of planning and red tape so I will see how it goes but I am aggressively pursuing it to happen late in the summer. I have a wedding in Bellagio, Italy in early September to attend so I am trying to circle up there taking the scenic route if you will!

Lastly, while I am not going to do a whole post on it, I just spent an amazing weekend in Dewey Beach, Delaware. I know many of you guys reading this out of the States and even most of the people in the States who don’t live in the northeast have never heard of Dewey but it is awesome. Part of the Delmarva Peninsula beaches stretching from Rehoboth, Dewey,and Bethany in Delaware and onto Ocean City, Maryland where I spent much time in college.

It’s the quintessential beach town that is small enough to walk everywhere from killer restaurants and bars to great Atlantic Ocean beaches. In my opinion, the best beaches north of North Carolina on the east coast and perhaps as good as anywhere down to South Florida. Granted I am slightly biased but trust me, it’s a lot of fun and I highly recommend checking it out sometime if you’re in the Northeast corridor of the United States in the summer looking for a beach holiday.

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  1. That’s madness going into Libya right now…but really cool too!

  2. Whatever you do, don’t enter Georgia from Abkhazia otherwise you will have serious problems. Many people (including Jorge) learned that the hard way with some time in a dilapidated Georgian jail and a 2000 Euro fine/bribe to be released.

  3. Ya that doesn’t sound fun…My buddy Harry recently did it and will be giving me pointers on getting there and out without issues hopefully

  4. Jason shoemaker says

    How are you going to get clearance to go into Libya?

  5. In the eastern region you can enter without a visa and register at the border with Egypt. Remember it is controlled by the rebels and they love the Americans. It is very possible to do albeit not necessarily recommended. It will be quite an adventure!

  6. It’s risky to travel to Libya in the current political setting, but I guess it adds up to the adventure.

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