Brits Are Voted the Worlds Worst Tourists

Britons have been labelled the world’s worst tourists in a survey of tourist boards around the globe. Research by online travel service Expedia suggests Brits abroad are the least well-regarded by foreigners. They are the rudest, meanest, worst-behaved, most linguistically incompetent and least adventurous vacationers, the study published on Friday claims.

The behavior of British tourists was recently in the spotlight when 13 were arrested on the Greek island of Faliraki, in a police crackdown on lewd behavior. This is in lieu of the long history of hooliganism and drunken international incidents that have plagued and embarrassed the Brits for years.

The British put little value on learning languages and the British consequently are guilty of terrible cultural and linguistic arrogance.

European resorts say, “All over Europe, the bartenders and waiters at the resorts are steeling themselves for another miserable summer when the British invasion begins in earnest.”

Shockingly, Americans were judged the most courteous and the British the rudest, alongside the Russians and Canadians.

The Brits also seemed to make least effort in speaking the local language, a quality excelled by the Germans, French and Americans.

The Association of British Travel Agents, said it was more difficult to speak foreign languages abroad because most other nations speak English.

He told the BBC, “I think we’re changing. Travelers are now more adventurous and like to go places on the map that no-one’s ever heard of.”

The Italians, Spanish and Germans are most likely to try local food, but the Britons, Indians and burger-loving Americans are more likely to shy away from native delicacies.

When it comes to other things like doing the Conga at two in the morning or getting arrested in bulk for stupid drunken episodes, the British are champions of the world.

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  1. Figures, we are a dumb lot

  2. I love it, but traveling wouldn’t be the same without those dirty brits…

  3. It certainly wouldnt. I knew ud love that

  4. We are stupid but we don’t care…we just want to have a laugh and get pissed.

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