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I’ve recently been introduced to a travel app called Gogobot and it has really changed the way I do things in a good way. Gogobot is a community of people all over the world who recommend and review restaurants, hotels and things to see and do in almost any city in the world. Gogobot is a free app to download and has become an integral part of my trips and trip planning.
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What’s really cool about Gogobot is that it understands you. Unlike other similar sites and apps, where every user sees the same list of places, you have to spend lots of time digging through reviews trying to guess whether a random reviewer has anything in common with you; on Gogobot you can filter places by your tribe, and see the places people like you love.
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For example, if you are a foodie and a luxury traveler, you are probably looking for different places than a backpacker or a family traveler. other similar sites and apps tend to skew down market a bit whereas Gogobot seems to be more upscale. If you login with Facebook, you can see what is popular in your network and whether or not your friends use Gogobot.
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My personal favorite use for Gogobot is to find restaurants. You don’t just find restaurants but there are reviews from other community members and you can ask questions to others you interact with.
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I live in New York City and have for 15 years. I know the city incredibly well and I go out to eat pretty much every meal. That said, there are so many places that are new and different that it’s hard to keep up.
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So if I find myself in the Village around dinner and I want to try a new place, I pull up Gogobot. It tells me all the restaurants in a short radius of where I am and let’s me see the choices and read the reviews and comments. Then I can make an informed decision. I love this feature.
Gogobot, Lotus of Siam, Postcard, Las Vegas
Additionally, after I eat somewhere new or old, I can actually create what’s called a Postcard. This is basically a review of my experience with a photo and a star rating for the restaurant, hotel, place or activity. I have done several and I actually really enjoy doing it. I had never reviewed places before on any other apps or sites. On Gogobot, you earn badges and points for different levels of participation…it’s pretty fun.
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I am not a huge tech guy-trust me on that one. However, I find myself typing in random cities that I either have been to or want to visit and then see what there is to do there, where I want to stay and where I should eat. This has helped inspire me to go places already and has brought back some good memories.
Gogobot, Liberty Hotel, Boston
In fact, next weekend I will be in Boston. Boston is a city I’ve been several times before but I really don’t know it that well. So I will be staying at a place I found on Gogobot that looks nice that I had never previously heard of. Gogobot shows me pictures and prices when I scroll through the hotels based on my preferences of luxury hotels. With that information, I made my choice.
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I love how on the Gogobot app home screen it tells you where you currently are, gives you the weather and then gives you three options: eat, stay, play. It also allows you to type in a city or whatever you want to find things there. I love this feature and this is how I use Gogobot.
Gogobot, STK, Postcard, Las Vegas
I am also excited moving forward with Gogobot because there is still so much I don’t use enough yet that I look forward to getting familiar with. There is a lot packed into an app and they have some good, bright people running it. Check it out, it’s free!
Gogobot, Nobu Hotel
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but I do receive financial compensation from Gogobot. Everything in this post was written by me based on my own personal experiences.

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