My Africa Trip is Set!

After many issues, my upcoming trip to Africa is all set to go. While I am still disappointed that I can’t include Libya in this itinerary, it makes sense for obvious reasons. I hope they can resolve that situation very soon and once they do I will surely be there. So the amended trip starts in Khartoum, Sudan for a few days then heads to Addis Ababa for 5 days or so, which is one of the best cities in Africa, so I can get the Somaliland visa and head to Hargeisa and do a quick turnaround to Mogadishu, again for obvious reasons. Heading back to Addis, I hope to have time to fly to see Lalibela and/or Axum depending on how the timing works out with flights, incomprehensible delays, unforeseen hassles, etc…you know the drill on the Continent! I’ll then head, via a night in Cairo, to Algiers, Algeria for a few days before heading home through a night of feasting in Istanbul. It will be a very action packed trip with a lot going on in a relatively short timeframe but I am getting pretty pumped for it. Keep checking my site and facebook fan page for daily updates on my progress.

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  1. Sounds amazing and kind of scary…have a great trip, I will be reading!

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