New Press Release

Here is a press release about my recent trip to Morocco and my attempt to achieve this travel record in general. It has been released all over the Internet and was the top search listing on Google for Morocco when it was released. I am very pleased with this release and wanted to thank my friend and amazing Morocco tour operator, Thomas Hollowell from Journey Beyond Travel.

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  1. Very cool, I will have to use this travel guy when I go to Morocco next year

  2. Would you recommend going to Morocco or to Egypt if you had to choose one?

  3. Very tough call but I’d have to go with Egypt only because of the history of the Pyramids plus the Red Sea, Sinai Peninsula and the Valley of the Kings, Cairo Museum of Antiquities, etc.

    Morocco is awesome too and I think everyone should go there but Egypt is one of the worlds great places to see and a must on any travel resume.

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