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I was recently interviewed by noted travel writer, Rolf Potts, who was writing an article about Charles Veley, the man who’s record I am attempting to break. The article was posted on the New York Times website this morning, click here. My quotes are on page 6 of the story. Additionally, the actual hard copy will be available in the Sunday Times in the travel magazine insert tomorrow if you do not have a subscription. I am very excited to be included in this story in my favorite hometown paper and am looking forward to my upcoming extensive travels to South America and West Africa to inch closer to the record.

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  1. Good job Lee,

    Hopefully we will get a chance to travel together in the next few months. I\’m still down to travel to Haiti too, but I think we should hold off for a bit and let them clean it up a little after all the back-to-back issues it has had recently.

  2. Congrats man, that’s pretty big time. I know of Potts and the whole article is very good. Good luck in Africa!

  3. Thanks guys. Ryan I will be in Mexico from the end of January until about March 10 so we can figure out a time then to check out Haiti assuming all is reasonably safe in the country.

  4. Lee, I am also looking into Haiti, and I have been exchanging emails with a very good local travel agent. Its one of the few countries where I would not want to visit unattended. If you need the details, shoot me an email.

  5. Hey Lee, not sure if you remember me from Maryland but I just read the NY Times article and wow man then I saw your site. You have been busy. Congratulations on your success and good luck!

  6. Michael thx about Haiti and I probably will get that info from you…maybe we can plan it for same time…thx for the emails as well.

  7. Thats amazing stuff Lee, congrats and keep doing those picture of the days-maybe I will get one sometime!

  8. haiti was easy, i knocked that one out at like 12 years old on a cruise with the rents. spent the day at the beach, that counts right? there were a bunch of freaks in the woods with spears though, i dont think anyone left the beach. cool article in the times. not sure how i feel about veley. his site is interesting but 709 countries or regions or territories. this guy is just making stuff up i think.

  9. The problem with the MTP site is its inconsistent. It lists states/regions in larger countries but not in smaller ones and claims that the site is the most comprehensive list. While I agree that going to alabama is different than going to New York, at the same time, going to the south of France is different than Paris etc and doesn’t count as a separate place. It also lists all the regions/oblasts of Russia-who cares about different areas of Siberia-its all cold and barren!

  10. He is definitely not making stuff up Andy but I also agree with Mike that some of the places on the list are both inconsistent and unnecessary-like the UN and many others like some of these Rocks that are listed like St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks and a few others.

    I understand the concept of going everywhere but Mike makes a good point that everywhere means everywhere-not just regions in the bigger countries and I have no interest in hitting random rocks or atolls in the middle of the ocean.

    I do prefer the TCC list as it is more reasonable and allows you to make your own itinerary within the country as opposed to running around like a chicken with your head off trying to hit every state.

    I also understand that he created the MTP list for people who ran out of places on the TCC list but it is inconsistantly expanding and includes many places I have little interest in going such as random/remote states in Russia or Turkey or Argentina. So I love to watch what is added to the MTP list but I believe the TCC list to be the standard for country counting.

  11. I just read the article in the Times, quite a story and congrats to you for being quoted. I googled your name I just started reading your site-it’s very interesting and I look forward to keeping up on it.

  12. Hello Lee,
    I read this article in the Times today that had you quoted in it about Charles Veley. I was very impressed with his travels and am equally impressed by yours now that I see what you have done.

    I am an avid traveler, not as much as you but I have a lot of respect for what you are doing, especially at such a young age. I wonder where you get the time and money because I would love to have that type of time. I guess Charles Veley spent $2 million travelling which seems quite high…is that accurate in your travels as well.

    Good luck on your quest.

  13. Thanks Joe and Gary and thanks to all those who have been emailing me about the quotes in the article. I am very excited to be quoted in the NY Times.

    Gary, I simply make the time to take my trips one way or another. I get that question a lot and there’s nothing to it but to do it-sounds like a lame line but it’s true. Just follow what you want, do it your way and everything else will fall into place.

    I understand money can be a deterrant from traveling but remember there are many ways to travel and if you cut corners and costs here and there you will be amazed how cheaply you can travel. Try camping or hostels instead of hotels. Try busses and shared vehicles instead of planes and trains.

    There is always a struggle between time and money when traveling and everyones schedule and budget is different but if you want to do it-figure out a way and just do it. Travel is the best education and experience you can ever have.

  14. travelling on a budget is one of the best parts of travelling. negotiating and seeing how little i can spend is half the battle. not sure why veley spent so much…maybe he started late and wanted to knock it out quickly. do you know what the record was before him? i also appreciate potts POV on counting countries…that one will make someone question their whole motive. someone should also get it back into the guinness records, because there are way dumber stuff in the guinness book than this.

  15. I agree with Andrew that budget travel is the best kind and makes it affordable for younger people. I have only traveled around India and Asia some bit but I wish to do more after my studies are complete.

  16. Keep in mind that the $2 million Charles spent includes the 4 years of non-stop travel with his wife where he took her to over 300 places so that certainly added to the figure. In talking to other people that have completed the TCC list, they spent between $750-1.2 million on average. Charles also flies business class most of the time so that adds up quickly as well.

  17. No matter how you slice it-thats a lot of jack to spend, but I guess if you can afford it-why not?!

  18. he should have spent more jack to move through the countries quicker because lee is going to smoke that record by at least 3 years. WOOT WOOT

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