On The Road Again!

I know I haven’t been posting the past month or so but I was having some issues with my software and I have been grounded in New York except for a quick road trip to Canada. Tuesday I leave for a massive around the world trip that will hit some of the most romantic places on Earth including; Iraq, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and several others. So put me back in your daily rundown as I will be posting again soon from the road. This trip will also include some stops in the Indian Ocean for the British Indian Ocean Territory and the Maldives. I am trying to work Somalia and Somaliland but am currently having visa issues, meaning I cannot get one before I leave. I will also hit SE Asia for 10 days or so and hit Vietnam and Indonesia to hit some places I have missed in the past and Bangkok to visit a friend. Should be fun and exciting. Check back and stay tuned!

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  1. For Somaliland you can get a visa at their liason office in Addis Ababa, we got ours there in 15 minutes but then weren’t able to change our flights and missed going.
    BTW.. looks like the Wake Island tour was cancelled? Just checked their website and it’s no longer showing a 2010 tour (one for 2011 is listed now).
    Safe travels!

  2. Ya I know but the problem is apparently they discontinued all flights to Hargeisa so I’d have to go thru Djibouti now but go to Addis first which is a hassle and more expensive. I want to do that flight that stops in Mog too so it’s relatively complicated. The only other place you can get the visa is London and that’s really not feasible bc I leave Tuesday and cannot stop in London. May have to wait til next time, IDK yet. Although I may fly to that border town and take the taxi to Hargeisa then fly via Mog out…idk looking into it as we speak.

    As far as the Mil Tours Wake trip, that is on my list of thin gs to do in next few days bc I was planning on going. I hadn’t heard anything about it being cancelled and haven’t checked the site. That would be disappointing though if its off.

  3. Sounds like an amazing trip, be safe!

  4. I called Mility Historic Tours and they did cancel the Wake Island trip which pisses me off bc I was planning on going. Apparently it was due to lack of participants. Truth be told, the price was outrageous for one day at like $1295 on top of the cost and hassle of getting to Guam and back etc.

    They said they would do it next year. I am annoyed bc I have a miles flight I used specifically to stop there around Dec 11th to go on the trip. Hopefully they will be able to reroute me as I do not wish to go all the way back to Guam just for a goof.

  5. Too bad on the tour! I was just getting ready to book my Guam flights. I may still go anyway and just spend a day longer in Palau. How did you manage Saudi Arabia?

  6. Stopover en route to Dubai before Kabul…easiest thing to do so dont have to get the visa bc its less than 18 hours. Palau is killer.

  7. I know you’re leaving today — have a great (and safe) time on the challenging trip ahead!

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