Organized Tours Make Your Life Easier

A lot of people have preconceived notions about tours and tour companies. Often times, people think they are overly expensive. Others think they can and should do everything themselves. And many think tours are just a bunch of old people. I cannot lie; I have been a victim of thinking all of these things in the past. While I generally do most things on my own there are a lot reasons to travel on organized tours. The main reason is organized tours make your life easier.
Contiki, Organized Tours make Your Life Easier, Tours, Lee Abbamonte
I’ve begrudgingly taken a few organized tours before and each time it worked out so well, that I didn’t want the tour to end. If you’re a young solo traveler, male or female, organized tours make a lot of sense. You can see amazing places and have people your own age to hang out with along the way at often cheaper prices than it would be if you booked everything yourself.

Plus the tour company takes care of all the dirty work for you including bookings, admission costs, hotels and excursions. That’s some serious value added. One such company is Contiki.
Contiki, Organized Tours make Your Life Easier, Tours
You’ve probably heard of Contiki before as they’re one of the largest tour companies around. But what you may not realize their tours are only for people between the ages of 18-35. So that means you will be with like-minded travelers around your own age. This is great because it allows you to bond and relate to others while sharing amazing experiences.
Contiki, Organized Tours make Your Life Easier, Tours, Rome
I once did a tour when I was about 24. I was a little nervous about the tour because I always did everything myself plus my friend and I were budget minded at the time. The tour ended up saving us a ton of money; we met great people who I’m still in touch with today and the tour made it easy. They did all the research, knew where to go, stay, what to do and their guides were knowledgeable and friendly. It honestly, was a great experience!
Contiki, Organized Tours make Your Life Easier, Tours, Venice
So my advice to people who have thought about taking a tour because you don’t want to fly solo, you want to meet other people, you want to save some money while having an easy and amazing experience is to just give it a shot. I’ve been to every country in the world and some of my best travel memories happened on a tour. It was because of the people I met and the experiences we shared that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.
Contiki, Organized Tours make Your Life Easier, Tours
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received financial compensation for writing this article from Contiki. However, everything written is by me based on my own prior experiences and it hasn’t been influenced in any way.

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  1. Lee, which countries did you feel it was necessary for you to visit via a group tour versus DIY travel with a friend or going solo instead? Money aside, what other factors came into play when you decided to use a tour group in these cases?

  2. I’m a bit of a fraidy-cat traveller, I love going to new places but get nervous going to new places so I take a tour. There are a bunch of places I want to go back to, and I will as an independent traveller. But…. I’ve been lucky in my tour groups, no bad seeds to ruin it for me.

  3. Ahmed Gusto says

    I can’t agree more on to your opinion, prebooking can save your time and make you hassel free, you don’t have to spare time thinking where to stay, which hotel to book, which is cheap. this kind of researches can be eliminated. thanks for sharing this article. its very informative

  4. At 33, I’m REALLY hoping to get on a Contiki tour in the next two years!

  5. Absolutely right. Its great when organized tours make your life easier. Its makes traveling easier.

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