Packing For a Big Trip

When packing for a big trip I always do two things, bring half the clothes I think I may need and bring twice the money-or at least my ATM card. I read that in a guide book years ago and it is totally accurate. When you are traveling, especially backpacking, you tend to wear the same thing over and over because it’s just easier and then you have less clothes that you have to wash. You also end up spending way more money than you think on both stupid things and of course the staples like water, food and beer.

You also want your bag to be light because you will probably buy things along the way and carrying a lot is the worst. I never or at least very rarely buy anything on a trip because I hate carrying more than I have to for extended periods of time. I would rather spend my time and money on doing activities and giving myself lasting memories of my experiences. I am not one of those people who like to have a bunch of crap they bought from around the world all over the place cluttering everything up. It always makes me laugh, for instance when people go to Africa and they buy a bunch of African masks, sculptures or chessboards (thats a private joke to a friend of mine who lugged an African chessboard all the way back from South Africa and has never used it) and have them plastered all over their apartment or house.

Basically, pack a pair of sneakers or boots and flip flops, a few tee shirts, a pair of shorts, a bathing suit, a pair of jeans, maybe a sweatshirt depending on where you are going, iPod and your toiletries. You will be golden with those few things. You can always get something if you need it, which you won’t and if you’re like me then the only thing you might buy anyway are tee shirts so you’ll cover your bases anyway.

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  1. What type of backpack do you recommend?

  2. I use an arcteryx, I don’t know the model but it’s been great and is really light but strong. Arcteryx has great products and are generally considered the best I hear. North Face also has good bags, my friend has one and he likes it.

  3. Sara Kili says

    I love arcteryx gear, I also climbed Kili-I loved your journal about it–summed it up nicely

  4. haha, mikey and that stupid chess board, forgot about that one…

  5. the chessboard rocks and it has actually been used- to hold drinks of course- besides out of principle after negotiating it from like $200 to $20 I had to buy it and it was the last day of the trip.

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