I just wanted to write my sincere thanks once again to the awesome people at as they have once again come through and landed me 14 visas to travel to West Africa with over the Winter. They were very knowledgeable, helpful, fairly priced and communicated extremely well. I want to especially thank Sapto Pradonggo for his great work and even better communication with me as I tend to get nervous without my passport in my hands at all times. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs visas and hasn’t an embassy near them or the time to get them themselves. I look forward to using them again soon for Algeria and Libya.

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  1. Where in West Africa are you going?

  2. Lee,
    Thanks for the praise and recommendation- we truly appreciate it! We look forward to working with you again on your next and upcoming travels around the globe- Bon voyage!
    Rich Mandleur
    President- Passport Visa

  3. mauritania, senegal, cape verde, gambia, guinea bissau, guinea, sierra leone, liberia, ivory coast, mali, burkina faso, niger, ghana, togo, benin, nigeria

  4. Lee, I agree on passportvisaexpress. The obtained the five Central Asia \’Stan visas for my May 2007 trip, and this August got me my Azerbaijan visa, all quickly and at a reasonable price. I also used them a couple of weeks ago to get pages added to my passport, which they did in around two days.

  5. Thanks Michael!

  6. Wow! Quite an itin you’ve got setup.. Are you doing these overland or flying mostly? I don’t envy you those visa fees, at least Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire are visa-friendly for Americans.

  7. Ya the visa fees are unfortunately a beaurocratic necessity when traveling in Africa and god knows they love their beaurocracies down there. Good call that Senegal and IC are the the only countires that don’t require a visa. But I will say that all those visas really make your passport look cool!

  8. FM Transmitter says

    I have tried passport visas and can vouch that they are good !

    Thanks passport visa express !!

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