South Pacific Trip Begins Tomorrow

So I leave tomorrow and I am pretty excited…less of course the 20 hours or so flying to Guam but that will kick off a 6 week 17 (hopefully) new country trip that will take me to some of the most exotic and secluded islands on Earth such as Tokelau, Wallis and Futuna and the Solomon Islands. I will be blogging most, if not all of my trip, hopefully with pictures, assuming I can find wireless connections and I will be trying to answer as many emails etc as I can. I will also be filming for a TV show and trying to have a great time as well. Should be pretty awesome so stay tuned and thanks as always for reading and your emails.

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  1. Cory Van Leeuwen says

    Good stuff Lee, sounds like a blast!


  2. Have a great trip Lee. I’m looking forward to the trip reports. The itinerary you are following is one of the best you’ve ever done. Hope it all goes according to plan!

  3. Thanks guys…in Tokyo airport pigging out on free lounge sushi, looking fwd to Guam tonight

  4. Cant wait to read all about it….safe travels

  5. Nicholas says


    will you be travelling to my beautiful country Tuvalu?

  6. Nicholas, I will be in Tuvalu for 2 days…I don’t remember the exact dates but about June 22-24 I think it is…whenever the Air Pacific flight from Fiji goes…do you live there or in Oz? Any suggestions or recommendations?

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