TCC International Meeting

Saturday afternoon at the Travellers Club in London, the Travelers Century Club held their second ever International meeting. I was one of the speakers and was incredibly honored to do so. As the youngest delegate at the meeting it was a lot of fun for me and very rewarding. The mix of people from over Europe and the United States with a couple coming from as far as New Zealand was very impressive. The venue for the meeting reminded me of why I love to travel and why I joined the TCC. Its history is as long as some of the countries that I have visited and without being a member I never would have been able to experience the venerable private club; the stories and experiences of some of the amazing members and the incredible food and ambience of the gala dinner.

Few things in life are more fun for me than talking travel with other extreme travelers and hearing their stories and experiences. Nobody does things the same. Some people travel in different ways than others and some have different budgets than others but to hear such a mix of ways and means of getting places and doing things and achieving the 100 country minimum to join was fantastic.

What made this meeting different than the regular meetings that I attend regularly in New York was that it included the board members of the TCC and several distinguished members from across Europe. In addition, there was press from over Europe covering the meeting and interviewing participants. That was very exciting and I just wanted to thank the TCC Chairman, Klaus Billep, the rest of the board and everyone who put the meeting together because I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next one whenever it may be. It was educational, humbling and the venue really added an extra boost to the meeting as it made you feel the history of the club and the great host city we were in.

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  1. Wow, thats sounds great…good for you

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