The Best Headphones For Travel

Beats By Dre Headphones
You see and hear a lot about noise canceling headphones these days. You hear how they are great on airplanes because they block out screaming kids, airplane engine sounds and assorted other airplane annoyances. You see commercials on TV featuring celebrities and athletes sporting cool headphones. So I decided to check a few of them out for myself and see what I thought. In my experience, Beats by Dre (Beats) has the best headphones for travel.

I took a look at a few of the major headphones brands you always hear about like Bose, Sony, Skull Candy and Beats. I looked at basic things like; do they cancel noise; how clear the sound is; comfort; ease of use; travel-ability; and just general coolness.

I have to admit that the headphones that I tried really weren’t too much different than each other. The major differences I found were in the marketing, appearance and accessories.
Beats By Dre Headphones Full VIew
I also admit that I came into my experiment with a small bias. I wanted Beats to be my favorite because I think they look cool. All the professional athletes use them so I constantly see them as I watch a ton of sports. What I found was they were.

Aside from a superior coolness factor, Beats has crystal clear sound. It literally sounds like you’re in a recording studio. Whether you’re listening to your iPod, iTunes or doing a podcast or Skype, the sound is perfect.

I also admit that on my last flight from New York to Las Vegas, I had my Beats Executive headphones with me and two screaming children in a close radius to my seat. I simply put the headphones on to block the screaming out without even plugging them in. The sound of a piercing scream, while not completely drowned out-was significantly reduced and I was easily able to fall asleep with them on.

I also liked the Bose headphones and the Sony. I didn’t really like the Skull Candy headphones. I have to say the differences were minimal and as I said the marketing and appearance have so much to do with it. Even the packaging on the Beats headphones was cool. But what cinched my opinion was how they travel including the small carrying case.

Obviously flying as much as I do, it makes sense to have some good headphones, and in my view Beats are the best headphones for travel. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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  1. I think every football player has a pair…

    I’m not sure about which model you’re talking about Lee but I have Solo HD version and I’m OK with it but nothing more. Sound is decent for me but not great though… Much better when I’m listening to popular music with more bass. Maybe you have more expensive version.

    I also tested Quiet Comfort 15 from Bose not long ago and these were better when considering sound quality and have MUCH better cancelation. I wish I have these now. But I like the design on Beats – good looking, not too big and can be twisted which is great for traveling and I’m not regretting it.

    Only thing I really don’t like on Solos is they can leak a lot of sound and I like listening to my music very loud…

    • Thanks for pointing out I forgot to put which model I have, it’s the Executive. Thanks for the comment and I do agree about the Bose and as someone else pointed out on my Facebook…a lot is the design and marketing!

  2. I gotta say man, I love Skull Candy…totally drowns out everything and easy to get around with

  3. Beats are way too ghetto for me

  4. If I was a rapper or a NBA player then I’d use Beats…I’ll stick with my Bose

  5. I’m surprised you liked Beats by Dre better than Bose.

  6. I love my Beats!!!

  7. how do you pay for everything lee? just money that you make appearing on shows and in the press? or are you independently wealthy?

  8. Beat give best quality sound but when you listen in long time your ear will be hurt. So i think it only suit for short travel

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