The Embassy of Suriname

I just got off the phone with the Embassy of Suriname in Washington DC and they are absolutely fantastic. After all my issues with missing passports and beaurocratic nonsense in the past week they really came through quickly, as I should receive the visa today and were very nice about everything.

They received my passport Monday. I called to confirm they received it on Monday and requested that they rush my visa because I am leaving Christmas night and don’t need to stress with the weekend and holiday approaching. I usually do confirm that a consulate or embassy has received my application to try to get it rushed but usually they just brush you aside and put yours on the bottom of the pile.

However, when I called back this morning to check my status they asked if I was Abbamonte-without me saying it, and then they said they sent it yesterday overnight and I will receive it today. I was blown away. What a breath of fresh air for an embassy which are notoriously awful to deal with, and generally way worse than consulates.

I am looking forward (fingers crossed) to getting it back today so I can actually look though the new US Passport which is now an electronic passport-not sure what that means but I guess it has some electronic chip inside. They even give you a manual to read up on it but I haven’t yet. I didn’t really get a chance to see it on Friday because I sent it out as soon as I received it but it did look pretty cool and even included historic US quotes on each page. I love quotes so that should be interesting to read them.

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  1. Just got it!

  2. ooh, now I am excited to get my new passport (which I confirmed would arrive soon). Have a great trip, glad everything worked out!

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