Update on My Upcoming Libya Trip

I wanted to give a quick update because I have received dozens of emails and facebook messages asking about the status of my North Africa trip. It is supposed include stops in Sudan, Libya and Algeria and I am scheduled to take off in early March. As of now, I have not ruled anything out. I have not made any decisions as to whether the trip is going to go as planned with the original itinerary. I have not made any changes as of now and I really do wish to visit Libya but I most likely will not visit under violent circumstances. I say this after recently visiting Iraq and Afghanistan during a war so anything appears possible. The bottom line is this trip is very important to me as I am going with my Uncle and it will be salvaged one way or another. Perhaps amended by omitting Libya. However, with the amount of effort it has taken me to get the Sudan and Libya visas already and with the Algeria visas being processed right now, I really hope things calm down and we are able to go as planned.

Realistically, I am closely monitoring the situation as best I can with scattered and sketchy media reports. CNN now has a reporter on the ground in Libya which can give some first hand accounts of what’s actually happening so perhaps that can give some insight. Plus my friend Mike in London who works for an International country risk firm gives me facebook updates daily! Well he basically says don’t go!

Anyway, I will see. I am not scheduled to arrive in Libya until March 12 as I am heading to Khartoum first in the Sudan. I will not rush the decision and we will see what happens in the next week or two before any final decisions are made.

Thanks for all the emails and facebook messages, it’s nice to know that so many people are reading and paying attention.

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  1. Go for it man!

  2. That is exciting but scary at the same time…hopefully things will calm down by the time you are supposed to go there.

  3. Gadhafi is nuts!

  4. I would totally go. I think it’d be an amazing experience to be there during all this historic turmoil. We are talking about the longest serving regime currently in the world and one seriously insane MFer! If it’s possible to go I would go.

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