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I just got my passport back after having it out of my possession for a month or so. The reason was because I had sent it to Washington to have get four visas for me: Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran. These visas are a real pain to obtain on your own and for Turkmenistan and Iran you need to jump through hoops with a letter of invitation, governmental approval, etc. so it’s a real pain. I was a little skeptical, having never used a visa processing agency before. However, came very highly recommended and did an excellent job. I want to thank them publicly on my site and recommend them to anyone looking for visas who doesn’t have the time or the embassies/consulates to get visas themselves.

I gave them a specific timeframe that I needed my passport back by July 2nd, before my next trip so I would make sure to give them a few days leeway. They responded with very professional service and assured me it would get done on time and it was. Additionally, it didn’t cost that much extra. Even with expediting my visas they only charged a few bucks on top of the cost of the visas so I was very happy and the price was right.

If I was to send overnight Fedex’s to each embassy it would have cost me $80 per embassy to ship two ways times four in addition to the cost of the visas. Also, it’s not like I could’ve driven down to DC either to get them because each one took at least five days to process-I have written many times on this site how much I hate the beaurocracy of embassies. So I was very happy.

Needless to say, I had previously gotten my Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China visas on my own here in New York and I love to flip through the passport and see a fistfull of new visas. It’s a always a fun feeling and I can’t wait to see the accompanying stamps-yes when you travel a lot you become obsessed with passport stamps, visas etc.

Anyway, thanks again to and especially to Andreas for always keeping me updated on my passport was and for being so professional and timely.

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  1. I’ve used similar agencies and have always had good luck, however I did look at their prices and this agency seems to be very reasonable. perhaps I will use them next time.

  2. Agreed. I worked with the same agency, for a similar group of visas, and I also had excellent experience. So, while I can be quick to criticize, I would also like to compliment them on their service, which I likewise found speedy and reasonably priced. With their continual communication, they allayed my nervousness, and they were even able to return my passport, which I was able to use for a quick trip to the ABC islands in the middle of the ‘Stans-visas procurement process.

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