Why I Use Allianz Travel Insurance Over Others

I’ve been working with Allianz Travel Insurance for the last 6 years or so as a global ambassador. That said, many people have asked me why I use Allianz Travel Insurance over others. That is a really fair question because there are so many options out there. I generally start by stating why you need travel insurance in the first place and go from there into my answers.
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First and foremost, Allianz is a global company with offices in dozens of countries. So if I was in some serious trouble, I feel as though Allianz Travel Insurance could help me on the ground better than most travel insurance companies because of their global presence. That gives me peace of mind.
Second, I have a comprehensive annual policy. I know many companies offer this but with my policy, when I chose it, I knew exactly what was in my policy, what I was covered for and how much it cost. It wasn’t convoluted like many insurance policies can be. There were clear bullet points in plain English.
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Third, I know there are cheaper budget options out there. Like anything else in life, I believe you get what you pay for. If it comes down to me being injured or sick in a hospital bed in a far off place, I would feel much more comfortable with an established name where I don’t have to comb the fine print to see if I’m covered or not. Again, I’m a big fan of peace of mind. Remember that’s what insurance is, it’s peace of mind.
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Fourth, I love the TravelSmart App, in fact I actually did the tutorial for it-you can see below! The TravelSmart App is great because it helps you manage your policy right in the palm of your hand. In a pinch, you on’t have to search through papers in your bag or Google a bunch of stuff-it’s all right there in the App. Plus it has emergency numbers in every country, a medical translator and many other awesome features. This is a huge help!

Nobody likes insurance: travel, life, health, car, homeowners, renters, etc. You pay and pay and pay and you never have to use it. But when you do have to use it, you’re going to be really happy you have good insurance. Don’t cheap out to save a few dollars; which is literally what it comes down to. Remember, peace of mind.
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Fourth, I know the people who run Allianz Travel Insurance. I have been to their headquarters and had lunch and dinner with them. I know that I am privy to that because I work with them but because of that I know they are good, honest people and I feel very comfortable having Allianz Travel Insurance for myself and recommending it to others. Believe me, I wouldn’t attach my name to a product I didn’t believe in and people are so important. I’ll take good people I know over randoms on the Internet any day.
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You won’t see me pitching or sneaking affiliate ads on my website or in my newsletter. There are no banner ads on my site. I’m not trying to make money from your click through like many blogs out there. I am simply recommending it because I feel it’s the best option out there. That’s why I use Allianz Travel Insurance over others.

Disclaimer: I work as an ambassador for Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company) and receive financial compensation.

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  1. Hi Lee! Thanks for sharing, definitely will consider Allianz for travel insurance as insurance do play an important role of one’s travel journey.

  2. Hi there Lee, my friend Alice were discussing about Allianz travel insurance. The feedback was great and keeps on recommending me that I should consider it when I travel.

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