Ferrari Racing in Las Vegas

I’ve spent a ton of time in Las Vegas. I’ve literally been about 100 times. Vegas is a great place to see and do a ton of different things. I don’t do Vegas like your typical guy who goes once or twice a year and goes on an insane drunken bender. I have friends there […]

The Oxygen Masks Came Down

I’ve flown thousands of flights on over 200 different airlines across six continents. Never in my flying life, has anything happened like what happened today. On my flight from Newark to Fort Lauderdale aboard United Airlines, the cabin depressurized; the oxygen masks came down; and for about 10-12 minutes; I thought I might die. United […]

The Best Headphones For Travel

You see and hear a lot about noise canceling headphones these days. You hear how they are great on airplanes because they block out screaming kids, airplane engine sounds and assorted other airplane annoyances. You see commercials on TV featuring celebrities and athletes sporting cool headphones. So I decided to check a few of them […]

Top 20 Travel Songs

I love music-everybody loves music. For me, music is best when I associate it with a certain place, time in my life or person. The same goes with travel. Some songs just elicit thoughts of being on the road. Perhaps the song reminds you of a place, a bar, a road trip or someone you […]

Why You Should Get Over Steroids in Professional Sports

What a world we live in with regards to professional sports! The 21st century has brought us some great moments in sports but sadly the dominating theme in many sports has been Steroids or Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s). As a sports fanatic, this saddens me greatly. Not because the athletes are cheating. I really don’t […]

My Upcoming Travel Schedule

As I cannot possibly answer all the emails asking me where I am going next, here is my upcoming travel schedule that is confirmed so far through February. January 10-14 I am flying into Medford, Oregon to visit Crater Lake National Park and driving down to the Bay Area to visit friends and watch the […]

My Year in Travel 2012

2012 was a great year in travel for me personally and professionally. I started getting serious about turning my travel stuff into a business; which has been going great! I started doing a lot more press, writing and TV including a show on Travel Channel and a regular spot on Fox News. I also did […]

27 New Years Travel Resolutions From Top Travelers and Writers

As 2012 ends and 2013 rapidly approaches, we all find ourselves looking ahead to the New Year. While some get caught up in the festivities and some don’t-all of us review our 2012 and look ahead to the new year. So as one of the world’s most traveled people and a travel writer, I got […]

Christmas in Sandy Hook

Christmas in Sandy Hook was different than Christmas just about anywhere else this year. It wasn’t a celebration of family, joy and gifts but a solemn day of remembrance. Some families were thankful to still be in tact but for 26 different families in the community and countless others, it was a day of unopened […]

An Iconic New York Hotel

There are few cities as iconic as New York City. It has everything-it is the best city in the world and I’m not just saying that because I live here. Within the two great rivers that encapsulate Manhattan are a few iconic hotels. Most are old world, traditional hotels like the Plaza, the Pierre, the […]