Teotihuacan is an enormous archaeological site in the Basin of Mexico, located about 40 kilometers north of Mexico City, containing some of the largest pyramidal structures built in the pre-Columbian Americas. Apart from the pyramidal structures, the archaeological site of Teotihuacan is also known for its large residential complexes, the “street of the dead” where […]

Eating in Monterrey, Mexico

So I’ve been here in Monterrey, Mexico for 4 days now and I have eaten tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. It hasn’t just been tacos; it has been gorditas and various types of taco like combinations but all of which can be classified as some type of taco. And they are all […]

Alaska-The Last Frontier

I arrived in Alaska Tuesday with my friend Mike to explore the Last Frontier, at least thats what Alaskan license plates say, and to see its extraordinary natural beauty. However, I have found out that it is much more the last frontier-it’s one of the most interesting and backwards places I have ever been and […]

The Ultimate College Town

Big State Universities in the United States are kind of an institution. Many are located in little podunk towns and basically make the town’s population and certainly its notoriety such as College Park, Maryland where I went to school. However, this past weekend I was in Gainesville, Florida which is home to the the University […]

Sex and the City “Hotspots” Tour

I am the first to admit that I have never really watched ‘Sex and the City’ and am hardly a fan at all. However, I do happen to live in Manhattan’s West Village where a lot of the shows scenes took place or at least where they were filmed. For months now, I have walked […]

Bay To Breakers

I spent the past weekend in San Francisco visiting friends and I was told there something called Bay To Breakers. It was supposed to have kind of a cult following and was something I should not miss as it kind of sums up San Francisco in a nutshell. My friends were right about that and […]

The Valley of the Sun

I spent a few days in the Phoenix area this past weekend. I have to say that I really like Phoenix. To sum it up, on the shuttle from the airport to the rental car area, the driver gets on the speaker and gives his weather forecast. He says, “It’s gonna be hot. It’s gonna […]

First Day of Spring in New York

As I exited the West 4th Street subway in Greenwich Village after work yesterday, I felt something for the first time this year. I felt like Spring had actually arrived and that the long and miserable New York Winter was finally over. Yesterday was the epitome of what makes Spring in New York great. As […]

Genos vs. Pats Philly Cheesesteaks

I spent this past weekend in Philadelphia and I decided to engage in the age old South Philly argument of which place has better cheesesteaks, Genos or Pats. I have been to Philly several times before and have in fact made runs from college in DC all the way to Philly just to have an […]

Vegas Baby!

Today is once again that day where I will be heading out to Las Vegas for the weekend. This time it’s for my friend Adam’s bachelor party and it should be a fun weekend, especially with the NCAA Tourney going on this weekend as well. I am sure there will be no sleep but hopefully […]