The 30 Best Capitals in Asia

The 30 best capitals in Asia is an interesting list to make because Asia is so diverse. For this list, I have included all of Asia, as in technical Asia. This includes the Middle East plus the Caucusus countries, in addition to Central and Southeast Asia. I will make some other addendum’s below but rest assured the 30 best capitals in Asia was thought out for a long time!
Singapore, skyline
So my criteria for selection and a few exceptions are explained as follows:
Yangon, Burma, Myanmar
– I have to have been to the city and of course it must be a capital.
– This is based purely on my experiences in the city or my feelings on it.
– Just because I’ve included a city like Pyongyang in the list doesn’t mean I endorse the North Korean regime or any of that crap; it’s just an interesting place and I had a fascinating experience.
– I know technically Yangon or Rangoon is not the capital of Myanmar or Burma but I have included it as I simply cannot accept Naypyidaw as capital.
– China is complicated with its territories or SAR regions such as Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan so I counted them all separately and have included both Hong Kong and Taipei in this list; as well as Beijing.
– I included Jerusalem as the capital of Israel even though it is also claimed by Palestine etc.

Abu Dhabi, Grand Mosque, UAE
I hope you enjoy my list and please let me know what you think in the comments. Here are the 30 best capitals in Asia!
Tokyo, Japan, Ginza
30. Manila, Philippines
29. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
28. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
27. Dili, Timor-Leste
26. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
25. New Delhi, India
24. Baku, Azerbaijan
23. Jakarta, Indonesia
22. Damascus, Syria
21. Colombo, Sri Lanka
20. Seoul, South Korea
19. Jerusalem, Israel
18. Yerevan, Armenia
17. Sana’a, Yemen
16. Beijing, China
15. Muscat, Oman
14. Tbilisi, Georgia
13. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
12. Doha, Qatar
11. Beirut, Lebanon
10. Pyongyang, North Korea
9. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
8. Tehran, Iran
7. Hanoi, Vietnam
6. Taipei, Taiwan
5. Yangon, Myanmar
4. Tokyo, Japan
3. Singapore, Singapore
2. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1. Bangkok, Thailand

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  1. Surprised bangkok is #1 over Tokyo or Beijing but good list overall-not that I’ve been to half of them!

    • Ariel Juego Littaua says

      I don’t believe in this ranking it’s all about tourism not discussed all aspects including how clean and safe to live in the city

  2. I’m with you on the top 4!

  3. Tehran, Pyongyang???? Why not Kabul and Baghdad!

    • how you compare Tehran to Pyongyang which is isolated completely and it look likes an army field, or to Kabul or Baghdad where located in war zones?
      you have no idea about Tehran or iran just what you hear of liar medias unfortunately. try explore the wotld and then make opinion on that not without any knowledge just put a comment.

  4. Hellooo? Islamabad!?

  5. Most other places within a country are better than the capital…

  6. Singapore and Hong Kong are fantastic, but I would definitely have rated Tokyo above both! Bangkok is amazing too… still, it would have been number two to my Tokyo!

  7. I would have ranked Tokyo above Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore!

  8. I’m intrigued as to you have Kuala Lumpur so far down the list – did you have a bad experience there?

  9. where are all those places in the pictures??????

  10. As a Jewish, and especially knowing that you are too, I’m disappointed by the fact that you even made a reference to Palestine. Really??!?

    Jerusalem is owned by one and only country, and it’s a fact.

  11. it is hard to decide as all of them are unique and come from differnt parts of huge Asia.
    1. S.E. of Asia
    2. South of Asia
    3. Middle Asia
    4. Middle Easterns

    each group have many similarities in culture, architecture, foods, customs… but differences in compare other groups. it depends what you like to be able select a region or country, capital or maybe other interesting cities also. I was in 10 capitals above but hard to chose ­čÖé

  12. manila phil i love most, simple and peaceful in life, everyone”feel free to go anywhere………its fantastic place .

  13. No Phnom Penh!? I love that city.

  14. I have doubt on your knowledge, I bet you, just visit Islamabad one time, and you will put it in your top 10 .

  15. New Delhi should be in top ten

  16. seen only 9 of these, 21 to go.

  17. Manila in the last place with Kuala Lumpur?? That is Wrong!!! How those cities are worst than Bishkek????
    That is sick!

  18. Ariel Juego Littaua says

    Really? Manila rank 30? Yes, deserved it because we are the poorest country and incomparable than other Asian countries.!!!!

  19. NORTH KOREA 10-TH PLACE, BUT ARMENIA 18 ????? sorry, but from what place you’re thinking?????

  20. Islamabad is best top 10 citys
    Your information is worng

  21. Come to Islamabad then ???

  22. This list is fake because Pakistani capital ISLAMABAD is the world 2nd most beautiful capital. If you don’t belive me you can check on Internent.

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