ILTM Asia 2013

ILTM Asia (International Luxury Travel Market) is where the agents and designers of luxury travel from across Asia gather to plan the luxury travel itineraries for their high-net worth clients in 2014 – from Australia to Japan, South Korea to India, Indonesia to China – over 500 in total from 20 countries across the region.
ILTM Asia 2013, ILTM Asia, Shanghai
June 3-6 I will be in Shanghai as an Ambassador for this exciting luxury travel conference and marketplace. I will be staying at the gorgeous Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Shanghai and will be meeting with several of the top luxury hotel brands and luxury vendors in the Asia-Pacific region. I am very much looking forward to this and also to returning to Shanghai for the first time since 2008.
Shanghai Skyline, Shanghai, China
My last trip to Shanghai was a lot of fun but far too short, only two days. I recall Shanghai being one of the most visually stimulating cities I’ve seen and right up there, in terms of skyline, with New York and Hong Kong. I am looking forward to revisiting, seeing what has changed and seeing Shanghai in a much more luxurious manner. I will also be doing a broadcast for FOX News live via Skype from Shanghai. It will be fun!
Shanghai Skyline, Shanghai, China
After ILTM Asia, my next stop will ILTM Americas in Mexico at the end of September to see how North American and those from the emerging Latin America’s travel patterns will differ – Africa or Asia, safari or resort, adventure or gastronomy, culture or contemporary etc. Should be interesting!

Disclaimer: I am a fully hosted ambassador for ILTM Asia and ILTM Americas.

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  1. This sounds like a conference I would like to attend!

  2. How does one get invited to this? I see it’s invitation only. Looks and sounds like fun.

    • To be honest I’m not exactly sure. I was contacted by the PR firm handling the event when I was in London and it’s a perfect fit for me. I am sure you can email them if you wanted to attend if you have a business that corresponds or you’re in lux media.

  3. Stay away from eating cats and dogs

  4. Ooh, we were in China for vacation in October and we stayed at the Portman for the last 4-5 days of our trip. Loved it! We don’t do much luxury travel (that was a splurge at the end of our usual once a year trip overseas), so you might be more used to this, but our room at the Portman even had a funny little leather-esque box for the remote. It cracked us up. The other funny experience at the Portman happened when we were having breakfast in the restaurant one morning. My husband got up to get another plate and the man at the table next to me asked for the cream from our table — in English. Turns out he was from Taiwan, but lives about 20 minutes away from us in the US! So funny. So we spent all of breakfast discussing the Dallas dining scene.

  5. Christine says

    Shanghai is far and away my favorite city in China. Have a great time, Lee! Looking forward to pictures.

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