The Ultimate Kosovo Road Trip

Kosovo is that place that is a country but isn’t technically. So that’s why when I’m asked how many countries are there, the answer is ‘it’s complicated’. It’s a beautiful place in a historically volatile region. I first visited Kosovo in 2007 by bus from Skopje, Macedonia. I only visited Pristina and was honestly not that impressed-Kosovo was also still controlled by the United Nations (UNMIK) back then. Now Kosovo is thriving and there’s a lot to see and do. On my Kosovo road trip, I got to see a ton.
Prizren, Kosovo, Kosovo road trip. The ultimate Kosovo road trip, Mitsubishi
After 2 days in Tirana, Albania and a Macedonia road trip, it continued into the Kosovo road trip and the first stop was Prizren. Prizren is a place I’ve been hearing about for years and was really excited to visit. We opted to stick to the western part of Kosovo and not visiting Pristina as the draws in the west were simply better.
Prizren, Kosovo, Kosovo road trip. The ultimate Kosovo road trip, Lee Abbamonte
Prizren is picturesque and well worth a few hours of your time. It’s also a great place to grab lunch and coffee with a view. The Ottoman bridge is a big draw, as is the Sinan Pasha Mosque all overseen by the fortress above. Take a walk along the water, crossing different bridges for different angles and also be sure to head back into town and have a look in all the little shops and food stalls.
Prizren, Kosovo, Kosovo road trip. The ultimate Kosovo road trip
After we left Prizren, we entered my favorite and the most surprising part of the drive up to Peja. The drive was windy and mountainous and what I wasn’t expecting was just how gorgeous it was.
Kosovo, Kosovo road trip, The ultimate Kosovo road trip, mountains
Who would have thought Kosovo would have gorgeous mountains, viewpoints and amazing roads that made you want to keep driving! We were very pleasantly surprised by how nice the drive was up to Peja and made several photo stops along the way.
Kosovo, Kosovo road trip, The ultimate Kosovo road trip, mountains
When we arrived in Peja, we were pretty tired and headed straight into the center of town and grabbed a cappuccino. Peja is not a beautiful city although the main square area is nice enough. There is also a Turkish bazaar if that’s your thing but the beauty lies in the Rugova Mountains surrounding it. If we had more time, there are plenty of hikes to keep you occupied.
Kosovo, Kosovo road trip, The ultimate Kosovo road trip, Peja
But after an hour or so checking out Peja we headed straight to those mountains to cross the border into Montenegro. I was told that you still couldn’t enter Serbia from Kosovo. Plus, we were to meet up with some friends for dinner in Belgrade so we were in a bit of a rush and it’s a long drive to Belgrade.
Kosovo, Kosovo road trip, The ultimate Kosovo road trip, Peja, river
As it turned out we wasted some time as you now can enter Serbia from Kosovo but on the bright side, we got to drive through a seldom seen area of Montenegro. It was a very mountainous and still snow-covered area in early April. At the top of the mountains you could see Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia so that was pretty cool as well!
Kosovo, Kosovo road trip, The ultimate Kosovo road trip, mountains, Montenegro
All in all, the Kosovo road trip portion of our Balkans road trip was much better than expected! I really like Prizren but the highlight was the mountains without question and yes we made it for dinner in Belgrade!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Kosovo. My great grandfather was from there so I feel like I need to make a pilgrimage sometime.

  2. I honestly knew nothing at all about Kosovo and had never even seen a photo of it until this post, so thanks Lee. Looks like a pretty place.

  3. I want o visit Kosovo at next trip. That’s why I have tried to find Kosovo review in online and finally I am here. Thanking you for posting beautiful photo. Look like a very pretty place..

  4. We were in Kosovo this weekend, and STILL couldn’t enter Serbia from Kosovo… Waited for 3 hours at the border, only to be told to turn the car around. So you definitely didn’t waste any time!! 😉

    • Sorry to hear that, there is a lot of conflicting information out here about this border crossing and I’m not sure what’s right or if it’s just inconsistent at one border or multiple or whether some guards are just jerks about it. Love your input.

      • Yes, I agree, and even we (here in Slovenia) are not familiar with these issues, eventhough we were all Yugoslavia a while back… Nevertheless, it’s an amazing place, well worth visiting! I was surprised by its beauty as well!

  5. On my way to Pristina tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your experience in Kosovo – it was a pleasant read.

  6. I suggest to go hiking in the ‘Accursed mountains,’ next time you travel to Kosovo. I enjoyed it a lot when I visited there in 2018.

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