Kigali 15 Years Later

I’m not really sure how I want write about Kigali because it is a very beautiful city. It’s quite possibly the cleanest city in all of Africa and certainly the cleanest and safest capital city on the Continent. It is called “le ville des mille collines” or the city of 1000 hills and it is […]

There Is No Joy In Juba

You’ve probably never heard of Juba, Southern Sudan. You were also probably unaware that Southern Sudan is separately governed than Sudan and that they will most likely become an independent country within the next year or so. Believe me, your life will continue unaffected for you not knowing this information. I can’t imagine that if […]

In Search of Idi Amin

Like Rome, Kampala is said to be built on seven hills. Kampala is the intellectual and industrial heart of a country which has been recovering and rebuilding seemingly for decades. A center of political intrigue for much of its recent history, Kampala has been reborn and is forward looking to a very promising future. Modern […]

Christmas and Camel Racing in Kenya

I was never originally going to go to Kenya on this trip. I had already been there and it was just another long bus ride to get to Uganda. However, I had been moving faster than expected because of some days of flights, availability, etc. So I emailed my friend Joe who was traveling in […]

Brazzaville, Kinshasa and Muhammad Ali

First, I want to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone from Kenya as I am a little behind on blog duties so here we go. Before I talk about Brazzaville and Kinshasa I have to adequately describe the scene at the airport in Pointe-Noire before my Trans Air Congo flight to Brazzaville. I was lucky […]

Paradise of Sorts in Pointe-Noire

Sometimes you discover the best places by accident when you are traveling especially in really off the beaten path places. For instance, my original plan was to fly from Gabon to Brazzaville where I would take the boat to Kinshasa and go from there. However, such is life in Africa-there were no flights because Air […]

A Weekend in Libreville, Gabon

You may or may not have heard of Gabon. Its biggest claim to fame was probably being the setting for a season of the show Survivor. I never did see any of those Survivor episodes but from being in Gabon and certainly from flying over it I can see that the jungles are vast and […]

Cow-Town in Equatorial Guinea

As I left on the 25 minute flight from Douala to Malabo, I got a great view above the clouds of Mount Cameroon which is the highest mountain in West Africa and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Kilimanjaro which put me in a great mood heading over to Equatorial Guinea. Considering the squalor […]

My Day in Douala

After a very pleasant evening in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I took a four hour flight over the Sudan, Central African Republic and down into Douala, Cameroon. Everything was fine except for the daily double of having the only super fat guy in Africa right next to me crushing me into the wall and a guy […]

La République du Tchad

After nearly 36 hours of travel and transit I made it to Chad. This is my 8th trip to Africa and the 6th in the past 3 years. Chad has long been seen by travelers as a place to get through rather than to see, which explains why there are so few visitors. In fact, […]