Sunrise at Borobudur

Ever since I first laid eyes on Angkor Wat, back in 2004, I wanted to also visit Borobudur. Each time I have been in Southeast Asia since 2004 it hasn’t worked out where I could get to see it. Well this time it did. I flew from Singapore to Yogyakarta and based myself there to […]

Prambanan Temple Complex

Prambanan is the most evocative Hindu temple complex in Java. It features about 50 temple sites, many of which suffered extensive damage during the 2006 Earthquake that devastated the island. The temples survived but many incurred lasting damage that will take years to fix, especially on the main Shiva Temple; which had damage to 479 […]

A New Singapore

Fourteen years ago, the first time I came to Singapore, I came away thinking Singapore was really nice but really boring. I loved Singapore Airlines; I loved the food, and thought the city was like Disneyland because the streets were so clean. Well, the streets are still really clean, I still love the food and […]

Why Singapore Airlines is the Best Airline in the World

Many things in travel are debatable. What’s the best country? Where is the best food? What’s the best city? Beach? Resort, etc.? In my mind, and in the minds of many of the world’s premier travelers, one thing that’s not debatable is that Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the world. The first time […]

Langkawi, Penang and Singapore

Happy Thanksgiving to all! After five weeks through some of the most dangerous and least visited places on Earth I found myself back on the Malaysian Peninsula as my last stop. Malaysia is one of my favorite countries in Asia, except of course for their stupid tourism slogan, “Malaysia, Truly Asia”. I have been to […]

Good Morning Vietnam!

Kiss me goodbye and write me while I’m gone… Goodbye my sweetheart, Hello Vietnam. -Johnny Wright, “Hello Vietnam” If you’ve seen Stanley Kubrick’s epic Vietnam War movie “Full Metal Jacket” then you’ve heard that song in the opening scene when the soldiers are all getting their heads shaved. I couldn’t get it out of my […]

Thanks Indonesia!

Over the past three days, I have seen my viewership jump ridiculously drastically because of a huge number of Indonesian visitors. Apparently an article was published about me or mentioning me with a link to my site in Indonesia. My inbox and facebook requests have been inundated and I am currently in Paris so I […]

Boppin Around Borneo

All of my life I have had visions of Borneo being this outlandish and exotic place where it’s just thick jungle and some people don’t come back alive as the cannibals will get them. Perhaps naïve from when I was a kid but even after the first “Survivor” was filmed there; it had to be […]

Sweating around Southeast Asia

Bangkok is the center of the sweltering Southeast Asia universe and all roads lead to Bangkok. However, the roads leading from Bangkok go to some pretty cool places. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to the Thai beaches this trip and it killed me because I was in Thailand during the full moon and was […]

Bangkok Dangerous

Alas, I am back in Southeast Asia, one of the worlds great areas to travel and one of my favorite places to be. I have been pretty busy and moving around a lot which is why I haven’t posted recently as keeping up a blog is a lot of work and finding the time can […]