Walking the Seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley Park is the heart and soul of Vancouver. It is one of the best urban parks on Earth and it is beautiful. Walking the seawall in Stanley Park is one of the best things to do in all of Vancouver. It gives you amazing views around every curve and there are plenty of paths […]

Ice Climbing Montmorency Falls

Quebec City is a great place in the winter or summer. The city itself has a ton to offer the traveler but perhaps the best thing about Quebec City is that it has some real cool adventure activities nearby. Montmorency Falls are 275 feet tall and some 150 feet wide. They are the highest waterfalls […]

Ice Hotel in Quebec City

The Ice Hotel in Quebec City is an experience in and of itself. It is constructed out of solid ice at the beginning of the winter and generally stays operational through the end of March-depending on the weather. It is quite the spectacle to see. It’s hard to fathom how or why someone decided to […]

Old Quebec City is a Slice of Europe in Canada

While St. Pierre and Miquelon is the only part of France left in North America; Quebec City is far and away the most European city in North America. Quebec City just oozes France around the magical streets of Vieux Quebec or Old Quebec City. Its charming cobblestone streets snake around hilly curves much like Montmartre […]

Around Halifax

A great accompaniment to my trip to St. Pierre and Miquelon and the odd flight schedule was that I was able to get two nights in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia. This was my second time in Halifax. The first time I was here for work (when I had a real job) and didn’t get […]

An Olympic Experience in Vancouver

I have been meaning to get to the Olympics for years, well for my whole life really. I am a huge Olympic fan and have watched every Olympics since 1988. Additionally, I am an Olympic historian and have been to every summer Olympic city and most of the winter sites. However, Vancouver 2010 was the […]

Ville de Montréal

Montréal is the second largest city in Canada behind Toronto and the second largest French speaking city in the western world behind Paris. Montréal is where the old world meets the modern world. It has unquestionable charm and culture, with a real sense of self and some of the best cuisine around. Montréal is also […]

The Canadian Rockies Provinces

I love Canada and have visited the country dozens of times. There is so much to see and do in Canada and I feel as if many Americans and even Europeans have no idea and haven’t even visited our closest neighbor, Mexico aside. From the stunning mountain scenery of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia […]