My Bloomberg TV Segment

I just filmed my first Bloomberg TV segment on a show called Taking Stock with Pimm Fox. Fox is the host and a very nice guy. I really enjoyed filming the segment and the conversational nature of the interview. This Bloomberg TV segment focuses on one of my side businesses of planning bachelor parties.
Lee Abbamonte, PImm Fox, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg, Taking Stock, Bloomberg TV segment
A recent New York Magazine article brought to light this business and I have had scores of requests for media interviews both on TV and in print. Although the article was highly sensationalized, it is a really cool business to be a part of. I really enjoy helping people plan their bachelor parties by doing things outside of the box of the normal stag party.

This Bloomberg TV segment highlights a lot of the cool things to do in Las Vegas off the strip. Many of the activities featured in the segment like UFC Training and Dream Racing Ferrari’s are things that I really love to do in Las Vegas. If you follow me regularly, you know I spend a bit of time in Las Vegas and will be back again next week checking out the Cromwell Hotel and for the DMAI conference..
Lee Abbamonte, PImm Fox, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg, Taking Stock
This side business started as a result of some blog posts I did about a bachelor party at the Palms Las Vegas and a bachelor party in Kiev, Ukraine. Since those posts, I have been contacted by numerous people, often Wall Street guys, to help them plan their parties. I am happy to do it and of course it’s nice to make some money as well. I will be doing several other TV spots and print interviews about this subject in the coming weeks.

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  1. Good job Lee, cool topic

  2. Nice work. I want to play golf in Kabul too!

  3. Great interview and cool business idea! You have briefly mentioned in the past that you have stared and sold many companies in the past. Can you tell us about that? Also, what other side companies do you have? Would love to hear about them.

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