FOX News Segment Talking the United Computer Glitch

Here’s me latst FOX News segment with Neil Cavuto talking about the United computer glitch that grounded UNited flights for several hours yesterday. It was the latest in a series of technological issues that United has had over the past few years and second in a month or so. Was the United computer glitch part of a larger cyber-attack as the New York STock Exchange and Wall Street Journal also had similar issues on the same day?

It’s no secret that I don’t know anything about technology but neither do most people and that’s exactly why we need to be able to trust and feel safe with companies like airlines actually knowing what they’re doing. Their responsibility is so great and all these incidents leave me wondering, do they actually know what they’re doing?
Lee ABbamonte, Neil Cavuto, FOX News, travel
Again, who know but I just hope this latest United computer glitch is just a blip on the radar. Especially as I’m flying United to Portugal tonight!
Lee Abbamonte, Cavuto, FOX News

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