Golf Lesson in Fort Worth

As most of you who follow me regularly know, I recently did a guys weekend trip to Fort Worth, Texas: the city of cowboys and culture. My buddy Johnny Jet and I did some really cool sports activities like taking an AT&T Stadium Tour, doing a VIP trip to the Duck Commander 500 and attended opening day for the Texas Rangers. We even have a great video to prove it below! However, one thing that I’ll take away from the trip the most is the absolute last thing we did; taking a golf lesson in Fort Worth at the Jim McLean Golf Center.

The reason I loved taking a golf lesson in Forth Worth is because it was the first lesson I’ve ever had-and I’ve been playing golf since 7th grade! I have played golf all over the world on some of the most famous and best courses in the world including the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland. I have to say, I am a pretty decent golfer if I get a few practice rounds in and can actually shoot in the 70’s without cheating…well maybe a little cheating!
Lee Abbamonte, golf, Jim McLean Golf Center, Fort Worth, Texas
But getting a seasoned instructor and actually being able to see yourself swing the club and having your swing analyzed was really helpful. The instructor, named Devan who was a really nice guy, told me that I should angle my knees in a little bit in my stance and bring my backswing closer to my body. I was holding my hands up too high and sometimes I have a tendency to slice the ball-who doesn’t I know! But actually being able to hear it and then even more importantly see it was very helpful for me.
Devan, golf, Jim McLean Golf Center, Fort Worth, Texas
Another thing that I found helpful was finding out that I strike the ball pretty much in the sweet spot. Devan put a sticker on the clubface to see where I was hitting the ball. It actually takes an impression of the ball and has the theoretical sweet spot. It turned out I am striking the ball pretty well-so that was good!
Lee Abbamonte, golf, Jim McLean Golf Center, Fort Worth, Texas, Tiger Woods swing
The last thing that I found super cool, was that the video machine could actually compare my swing side by side with great players like Tiger Woods. Obviously I’m not comparing my golfing skills to Tiger but it’s fun to see his swing versus what I’m doing from his stance to the backswing and follow through-it was really cool!
Lee Abbamonte, golf, Jim McLean Golf Center, Fort Worth, Texas, swing analysis
So I’m eager to step back out on the course this spring and try to apply the lesson to my game. That said, if you’re in the Fort Worth area and you like golf, have a lesson at the Jim McLean Golf Center, I felt like it was really worth it!

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