How to Get World Cup Tickets

I get asked all the time how to get World Cup tickets for Brazil 2014. The answer is short because there are really only a few ways; at least legitimate ways that will guarantee you seats. The lottery is long since over and if you didn’t get any you have a few options.
World Cup trophy
The first option is going down to Brazil and trying to scalp tickets. This is definitely an option but don’t be surprised if you end up getting fake tickets or tickets that have been sold and re-sold over and over-a common scam at major sporting events.
Brazil world cup fans
The second and best option is to use a package tour. Package tours guarantee you tickets to the matches that are advertised. They also take care of the logistics on the ground such as hotel, ground transportation and relieve the stress of a manic country like Brazil during the busiest time it will ever experience-especially in Rio de Janeiro.
Crowded Rio beach
Kensington Tours, a partner of mine, offers several Brazil World Cup packages. These packages depend on your taste, budget and what teams you want to watch. For instance, Kensington Tours offers a Follow USA package, where you can follow Team USA as they try to advance out of the “Group of Death”.
Team USA soccer
They also offer other packages such as Follow Mexico if you want to watch Chicharito and the boys try to bring back glory to Mexico.
Chicharito, Team Mexico
Of course other preliminary round packages are available as well but the jewel is the semifinals and final package. I don’t know of any other way to see the 3 biggest games in the world including the final at the world famous Maracana Stadium-I’ve been there; it’s an amazing place to see a game!
Maracana, Brazil, Rio
So the answer to how to get World Cup tickets is simple, take your chances with dishonest scalpers in an easy environment for scams or plan ahead and do a package tour with a company like Kensington Tours; let them take care of everything for you and have peace of mind.

Disclaimer: I am a paid Explorer in Residence by Kensington Tours. Everything written in this article is my words and I was not required to write this article and it has not been influenced in any way.

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  1. Can you get tickets throughout the country and not just in Rio de Janeiro? I plan to go and want to use the trip as a reason to see Brazil as a country and not just the World Cup so I kill two birds with one stone. Do you recommend any other cities to watch games in or places not to miss? Thanks, Lee.

    • Hey Robert and thanks. As Emily said below, KT do custom tours and can get you tickets at the different venues. I hope you make it down and definitely give them a call and let me know how it goes. As far as recs, I love Brazil but especially love the Northeast and Southeast like Fortaleza, Natal and Recife and down in Florianopolis and Porto Alegre…obviously Rio is great but it will be beyond packed and overpriced. Sao Paolo is ehh and Belo Horizonte is cool too.

  2. I have few tickets here in US that I m trying to sell.. If any one interested..

    • Which games?

      • I have 7 tickets to the Uruguay vs Costa Rica game for sale. The game is on June 14th at 4PM in Fortaleza, Brazil. I am only looking for face value ($130/ticket). Please let me know if anyone is interested.

        Thank you

    • Santiago says

      Contact me I am in Recife during USA vs Germany and looking for tickets to that game only.

      • Daniel Salerno says

        I read with interest you require a ticket for USA/Portugal

        Was it something you still require it know anyone who wants it

        I have it with me in RIO


  3. Hi Robert,

    Kensington Tours would be happy to secure tickets for you and help you plan an customized itinerary including various parts of Brazil including Iguazu Falls, Paraty or wherever interests you. For suggestions and assistance you can call us at 1 (888) 903-2001 or visit our website at


  4. I will be there in Rio!!!!

  5. Elizabeth says

    I would love to get the World Cup finals tours for my husband for our anniversary but $26,000 not including air is a little steep for 3 games basically or am I missing something? Is it for a couple of per person?

    • Hey Elizabeth, you would be the best wife ever with that gift. I just had a look and yes it looks like it’s per person based on double occupancy. It isn’t cheap but those games don’t come around too often especially in Brazil and especially if Brazil or Argentina are playing…I cannot even imagine the atmosphere!

  6. Hey Travel Fox – Tickets being sold and then re-sold might be considered a private equity venture by some.

  7. I think as you mentioned a package tour is going to be the best way. Whichever option you choose though, its likely to be an horrific price! other than that, base in Rio and soak up the atmosphere there watching the games on TV… I imagine it will be party central!

  8. I have 7 tickets to the Uruguay vs Costa Rica game for sale. The game is on June 14th at 4PM in Fortaleza, Brazil. I am only looking for face value ($130/ticket). Please let me know if anyone is interested.

    Thank you

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