The 30 Best Capitals of Europe

The 30 best capitals of Europe is like a who’s who of history. The great cities like London and Paris are of course on the list but with the new influx of countries in Europe over the last 25 years, there is some room for debate on what makes the list and what doesn’t. So […]

The 30 Best Cities in Africa

Most people probably couldn’t name 30 cities in Africa let alone the 30 best cities in Africa! Some people even think Africa is just one big country but I won’t use any names! All I know is that Africa is my favorite continent to travel within and I have taken 26 separate trips to Africa […]

The 30 Best Beaches in the World

Picking the 30 best beaches in the world is a completely impossible task. There are as many beaches as there are people in the world seemingly and so many are so nice. I could easily do a list of the 30 best beaches in each country and I may well do that very soon-at least […]

The 30 Best Airlines in the World

How do you choose the 30 best airlines in the world? The simple answer is you fly a lot! I have accumulated over 5 million frequent flyer miles over the last 14 years and would have had a bunch more but I didn’t start joining programs until 2000. Needless to say in visiting every country […]