Top 5-Disputed/Renegade Territories

1. Western Sahara (Morocco)
2. Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan)
3. Trans Dniester (Moldova)
4. Srpska (Bosnia)
5. Kosovo (Serbia)

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  1. Interesting list today, I can’t even think of anything I can add to it

  2. The only one I could add would be Somaliland, technically part of Somalia…haven’t been there yet. I am sure there are others but I can’t think of any offhand

  3. Interesting list yes, but Western Sahara is not part of Morocco – it has been occupied to large extent since 1975.

    The other territories are formally part of the countries listed at their side, Western Sahara again is not. About one third is not even occupied.

    I do wish people would stop calling Western Sahara a “disputed” territory. That diminishes the real situation – the occupation.

    Morocco has occupied the area in violation with international law and neither the UN nor any single country has since recognized Morocco’s claims on sovereignty.

  4. Thanks for the very interesting comment and you probably know more about this than I do. This topic is very tough to get a stright and clear answer to. Morocco does occupy it and administer it along with putting tons of money into Western Sahara for infrastructure etc. It also controls the customs and considers it an integrated part of the country. I understand that this is a touchy subject with Moroccans, Algerians, Mauritanians and people from the Western Sahara, plus the Saharawi people but the whole place is littered with UN workers so if Morocco is in violation of Intl law, then what is the UN actually doing there…just keeping the peace? There hasn’t been any armed conflict in many years. Also, if you don’t consider it disputed, then what is it?

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