Top 5-Eastern European Cities

1. Krakow, Poland
2. Budapest, Hungary
3. Sofia, Bulgaria
4. Riga, Latvia
5. Ljubljana, Slovenia

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  1. No Prague?

  2. sofia has some of the best “scenery” I have ever seen.

  3. William, the Czech Republic prefers to consider themselves as ‘central Europe’ not ‘eastern’, its kind of a big deal to them ;), this is probably why its not on the list. PersonallyI prefer Budapest over Prague any day.

  4. Ian is right. The problem I have with Prague is how over-touristy it has become. Granted it is beautiful and all and a cool city to see, but much like Dubrovnik, just too many tourists including the American Invasion. As I have always stated, if the Americans start going in herds, then the secret is out, prices go up and the thousands of souvenir shops will never leave. I was in Prague in 1998 and it was totally different than it is now–very much so in the wrong way.

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