Top 5-Places I Visited on My Last Trip

1. Corfu, Greece
2. Tbilisi, Georgia
3. Ayia Napa, Cyprus
4. Yerevan, Armenia
5. Kotor, Montenegro

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  1. Thank you Lee, we are happy you enjoyed your stay in Yerevan. Come visit us again!

  2. I hear Ayia Napa is crazy

  3. How did Tirana miss the list??? It’s on the top of mine!

  4. Be fair, we had good pizza in Tirana that is of course before our driver passed on the bird flu as he hacked his way through the lovely Albanian countryside.

  5. What about Buttprint, albania or butrint, whatever it is called. Lovely ruins.

  6. Butrint was made all the more lovely by the sight and glisten of the wild boar.

  7. i love glistening wild boar!

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