Top 5-Sporting Events I would like to attend

1. Champions League Final
2. French Open Final
3. Wimbledon Final
4. The Masters Final Round
5. World Cup Final

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  1. What about Superbowl and the World Series?

  2. Hey Buddy. Aside from the Masters, I have been to all of the major North American sports events including the ones you’ve mentioned.

  3. I Would Like The Rugby World Cup Final

  4. How the hell can you put the World Cup Final behind 2 tennis events and a golf event??? It’s hard to even put it behind the Champions League Final…

  5. btw, where do the X-games fall on this list? hahahaha

  6. You’d put it in front of the X games…didn’t I already tell you that you are a grown man who skateboards with 9 year olds and you shouldn’t speak

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